FPS Degredation

Like many here I have experienced a loss of frame rate around bigger airports. I have been tweeking settings in graphics as everyone does but was wondering. What frame rate is ideal when not at those busy airports and in the options which tweeks use up the largest fps. Experience will tell but forever tweeking and missing the obviuse two or three will help get the experience far quicker.

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IMO, the best frame rate is one where the Sim just feels smooth. Don’t get caught up on the numbers. If you are flying and able to do all the things w/o many stutters then this is imo is the best frame rate.


I would personally aim to have a smooth around 30 fps at most detailed areas anything below 30 fps for me is very noticeable.

Thanks Dorrager. Hate it when it gets below 20. In Options which is biggest FPS killer.

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If I do 20 FPS constantly Im having a goodtime, Coming from fs5 all the way till now, 20 fps stable has been my goal, If I run more that game, but as I get to bigger airports with more air traffic if I maintain 20FPS Im happy, for many years I would be chasing the magic number higher then 20FPS and get stressed out, now I dont care to chase it, not worth the worry or stress

Clouds for GPU. Terrain LOD for CPU.

Thanks Reset. Will tone down the clouds and cut back Terrain LOD.

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And set the render scaling down a bit, that also brings a lot. Unfortunately I have to do that too.

For a straight ahead view, 30 fps is typically fine and can feel quite smooth.

I use TrackIR. Anything below 35 fps and head movement gets noticeably jerky. 40+ is really the ideal when using any kind of head / eye tracking. 35 is basically the minimum for that.

Thanks will check where I have it and adjust and try.

Thanks Track IR is likely never going to happen but I agree 30 is a good target for me.

60 i Need for trackir

Based on my experience, Real AI Traffic, it can reduce FPS even over 50%, a lot depends on the CPU.

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For me, 40 FPS is the sweet spot.

My monitor refresh rate is 120Hz and I set Vsync with 33% refresh rate in the game settings

Thanks Grigna I agree. I am using a 12 gen CPU but the 3050 only has 4gb, memory is 32 gb so currently running between 15 and 25 fps and love the realism but always looking for more fps.

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