FPS drop CPU/GPU utilisation drop

Hi All,

I9 11900k
32gb RAM

After 2/3 hours of play I notice a major decrease in FPS which ultimately appears to result in a CTD.

When I start the sim I see around 50/60 fps and After 2 hours or so it drops to like 15fps.

I’ve noticed this on my other machine aswell.

Secondly, not sure if it has anything to do with my rolling cache but I done full fresh install today and by default my rolling cache was disabled. When I turn it on the value is at zero and I can’t enable it.

Does anyone know what this value should be at? And would it be related to my FPS drop?

I also notice my GPU/CPU utilisation at this point is quite low 20/30%. Not sure if this is related or even an issue…

Not very tech save!

I appreciate your help!

Do you use traffic? Both AI and live traffic have caused this problem AFAIK. Some people have gotten the framerate back mid-flight by turning it off under General → Traffic.

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Ah that may be my problem! Thank you for sharing.

had the same issue…i turned off traffic online and even weather online, and fps back to normal, around 40 fps…feel a bit alone out there but rather nice and smooth…

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Will try that today!

Yeah I agree it does get quite lonely offline mode

and this is not a duplicate of


Not exactly no.

Can confirm that this happens to me as well.

Screenshots taken 10 seconds apart, while moving from live traffic to no traffic.

I did think it felt a bit choppier than usual for no good reason. I’ve been playing for a while now, doing multiple legs in Neofly. Mostly shorter flights, but without going back to the main menu in between; I just reprogram the G1000 NXi and keep going.

Edit: For some good news, the framerate stayed at 64-66 after re-enabling real-time traffic again!

because the CTD you mention or the values (50/60 2h 15fps) vs (40fps x hours 5fps) ?

But okay… let us again split the votes…


Disabled real like traffic so far so good!

As the solution seems to work and similar topics exist, as @MichaMMA noted, the topic was closed.