FPS Drop IVAO Altitude

Hey there,

is it normal that if i go online with Ivao Altitude for MSFS the fps STILL drops per 30%? (from 50 to 35). Thought it got fixed in several updates last year!? Imagine i wanna fly online with the new Aerosoft CRJ… the fps further drops by 15%. Very awful =(
Does anyone know more?

Best regarts

At the release of MSFS, there were a problem with Simconnect affecting the performance. But this was fixed. Maybe try out vPilot (Vatsim) just to make sure, Ivao Altitude isn’t the reason.

Thank you, but isn’t SimConnect used here too? Just to confirm…

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Yeah, both programs are using Simconnect. But if VATSIM runs fine, we can isolate the issue to IVAO Altitude and we know, Simconnect isn’t the problem.

@EpicPrimus Tried vPilot these days… same effect. Seems like SimConnect should be ongoing updated… i hope.

Did you also tested it just without Simconnect? Maybe you are also suffering the FPS issue introduced by SU3.

I have the same issue.
After about 40/50 minutes of flight with altitude. Or more precisely after that I declare the star with AU the SIM drop drastically the FPS. I noticed that after a suddenly crash of altitude. After that I reload it the SIM it came back to work correctly.
However with v-pilot I have absolutely no problems.

Can someone help me ? I open the client pilot altitude of the ivao, and it is on a white screen, and the message program does not respond appears, until yesterday I was using everything normally.