FPS drop since last nvidia driver update

Am I the only one one to experience terrible fps drop since last nvidia update ? Flying flybywire A320.

I don’t update drivers expecting better performance in games that the driver release notes don’t even mention.


Wise attitude
But nvidia almost never mentioned msfs in release notes.
Then according to you, should never update…

i have a GPU (GTX1080) that probably isn’t going to get too much love from updated drivers, so am tempted to follow an “if it ain’t broke…” approach to updating. :slight_smile:

I have a GTX1080ti and have no issues with updates.

Not quite, but pretty much, because Nvidia has always been extremely lazy with improvements to their drivers. They usually only make minor improvements to new games. That’s why marketing named them “Game Ready Drivers”.

They’re still using the same old control panel that we had in Windows XP :face_vomiting:

No issues here. I usually update on its release day(did this time as well), but I use a customized version of the driver w/o the extra nonsense. Same performance as I had prior to the update for me.

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