Fps droppings, stutters and CTDs, i might know where and when they occur

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No, on Xbox Serie X doesn’t exist

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Maybe i can suspect where these Fps droppings, stutters and CTDs happen and when!!!

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I could provide videos, but they would be all oversized

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Here is what i am suspecting about Fps droppings, stutters and CTDs. Where they break out and when during flight.

I have also reported this finding to Zendesk.

I complained about Tokyo in the last posts, but i am discovering that in EVERY GROUND SURFACES of the whole Earth!!! Last flight planned and traveled: LICC CATANIA Airport to EGLL LONDON HEATHROW Airport and now flying from EGLL LONDON HEATHROW Airport to KJFK NEW YORK KENEDY Airport:

  1. if i look either with cockpit and outer camera to the sky, the Fps are normal and all is smooth.

  2. if i look either with cockpit and outer camera at the sea/ocean surface, the Fps are normal and all is smooth.

  3. WOOH - WOOOIIWWW!!! HERE IT IS!!! If i look either with cockpit and outer camera at the ground and cities surfaces, ah aaaaaahhhhh!!!.. Fps drop, stutters and also random CTDs happen! And the CTDs happen often!!!

Then, please, Asobo and please, Mucrosoft, i have provided (i think) good constructive info who can help you fixe those issues. So i guess you could fix them.

Just, tell me… better… us (this time i could mention the other virtual pilots who are simming with this game)… When you will fix them either via hotfix or via a sim update or via whatever else you have in mind, the VERY IMPORTANT think is to rid the game of those disturbances.

Thanks in advance for your attention!!!

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No PC, but Xbox Serie X and its controller

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: either Standard Edition and Premium Deluxe Edition for Xbox Serie X (no workd updates installed, but only online Wolrd Bing Data and Photogrammetry turned on, Rolling cache turned on and sat at 100 GB.

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Its a fair observation apart from…

not all users get the stutters,

I don’t get them all the time but when i do its really bad.

I’m finding them to nearly always occurring due to some ‘animated’ aspect of 3rd party scenery. Be it birds, Global Shipping, or airports/scenery with moving items(other than normal MSFS ground/air traffic). As soon as those animations are rendered, severe fps drops or CTD’s outright. And these add ons all worked fine in SU8. Could just be moving people sprites or a little metro train, as soon as they pop in, boom. GS has issues where they’re rendering moving ships(at least the data for them) way beyond visual range too. But if scenery is packed with their highly detailed models as static items, they look fantastic with no FPS drop at all. Again, all worked great in SU8. I’m trying to test identical flights with and without some of my favorite scenery that has animations, and sure enough without it no issues. Some airports may have it and you don’t even know they added someone loading a plane or there’s a glider on the hill nearby.

Thanks for your answers, but to be known by you, i am playing without all the 3th party sceneries, addons, aircraft and even without the world updates (not the last ones, but all of them from 1 to 10), turned on only world bing data and photogrammetry, all everyelse turned off, augmented to 100 gb the rolling cache, some time even playing offline in fear (and consequently order to avoid them) of bumping in those issues, but every thing i done didn’t sort anything, then fps droppings, stutters, ctds still occur.

Thanks for your attention, but i can say that i know already this.

Rolling cache above 16gb is futile. Running your TV to force 120hz or enabling FreeSync on a TV will also cause problems.

I’ve had mine turned off for some time now, not really seeing any issues. Still stuttery as heck but it was the same with it turned on.

That is no revelation sorry. It’s totally expected to get smoother frame rates when looking at the sky or ocean surface, because that type of scenery is much less demanding on the CPU and GPU.