FPS drops after engine start on Antonov An-225 Mriya

Antonov An-225 Mriya framerate of 40fps drops after engine start to 17 frps


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I am also having performance problems with the Antonov

Hi all
I have exactly the same issue with the AN-225.
Before starting the engines the FPS is up around 40-60 on the ramp at East Midlands for instance.
After start, either using the EFB or Ctrl-E, the FPS drops to about 17 and remains there for the rest of the flight with stuttering making it difficult to control the aircraft…especially with the sensitive trim, etc.
If the flight is started already on the Rwy threshold the FPS starts at 17ish.

It’s is the same no matter which airfield I start from.
If I use different aircraft with the same settings the FPS is normal with no stutters…between 60-120 depending on the aircraft.

I am using AMD 6900xt, Ryzen 5800x3d, 32gb ram, NVME drive and at the moment Win 11 preview beta.

I am on the MSFS beta and using DX12 but it has been like this since the AN-225 was released and in DX11?

Just hope there is a reason for this FPS hit that can be resolved as at the moment it’s difficult to use what looks like an otherwise great aircraft?


It´s definitely an issue of the aircraft. Inibuilds A310 has similar problems of frametrate.

Hi all.
Just found the culprit for this FPS hit.

Had a problem before this with other aircraft where any contrails would also crash the FPS and the answer was to cut some visual effects files (DragTrail, PressTrail and WingVapour) which solved the problem.

So wondered if there was an effect associated with starting the engines?
They create engine smoke and I managed to find the Engine_Smoke.spb file, cut it to another location and fired up the sim.
Yeha no more FPS hit with FPS hitting 60-70 out of East Midlands with my setup.

The file location:
Where your Community file is located should also be the Official folder where all the Asobo and microsoft addons are installed.
Follow the following folder trail:
and in there is just one .spb file…AN225_Engine_Smoke.spb
I cut it and pasted it elsewhere for safe keeping…job done…hopefully.

Hope this helps fellow FPS sufferers.


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This solved it for me!

Thanks a lot, that solved the problem!
Maybe because there are 6 engines with contrails.

Glad this has helped. Certainly made flying this much easier.

As I said I had this problem with the wing contrail files on other aircraft causing FPS hits until they were cut.
Makes you wonder how many other .spb files cause hits to the FPS and wether there is something in, for instance, inibulilds A-310 that also causes a reduction in FPS? Or indeed other aircraft/scenery.

I have posted this problem and solution on the iniBuilds forum so maybe there will be an update?


Thank you VNEKing, I had the same issue. From what I can tell, those of us with the 5800x or 5800x3d experience the special effect causing huge performance issues. Fwiw, I upgraded from the 5800x to the 5800x3d and still experience the issues so this must be due to the AM4 5800x/x3d architecutre. I have a 4070 TI Super.

I have issues with the A225 performance overall, but only on that aircraft.

Should this “contrail” thing affect even when no contrails are visible? (for example, close to the ground). Because as I said, this airplane is a FPS killer (Main thread killer) for me