FPS drops drastically with vPilot/VATSIM active

Hello. When i use the vPilot client for flying with VATSIM, my FPS drops always drastically down minus 10-20 FPS… I have generally max. 30 FPS with my Laptop, so when i stay or fly on a (“busy”) airport, the sim is not usable any more because the FPS goes sometimes down 10 FPS. Without vPilot i can fly with no problems.

What is wrong? I have Windows 11, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650 4GB GPU. Thanks!

Yes. I’m afraid laptops are often not that powerful and obviously are very painful / impossible to upgrade. Your machine is not great, and I mean that in the nicest way :slight_smile:

Problem is your system has to draw all the other aircraft in the sky and on the ground.

Does this happen at quiet airports is the first question ? Try EGLL/EGKK (whichever is busier, look on Vattastic) vs somewhere in the back of beyond. You shouldn’t get any FPS drop if you go to EGSH (near me, Norwich).

If it is unaffected when there is no traffic around, then you will have to dial down your graphics settings to go on VATSIM, and get rid of things like the ground traffic elements. You can also reduce the draw distance - how close an aircraft has to be before it is displayed - which might help. If it does bomb when there is no traffic then you have another problem, which is a bit baffling.

If you want a good test btw, I’m in a group called CIXVFRClub which does visual flights in various places. You don’t have to join or fly or whatever, but it means tonight at 7pm UK time at Stornoway in Scotland there will be about 10-20 GA aircraft all crammed into a fairly small space. You could try connecting at 6pm to see what your frame rate is like with no other aircraft there, and then connect at 7pm to see it “fully loaded” - and everything else, your aircraft, background scenery should be identical. I don’t think anyone will mind (as long as you don’t materialise on the runway, a big no no in VATSIM)

TBH I’m 90% sure you’re just asking too much of your hardware.

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Thank you very much for your reply! I did some tests today… Now im sure, that vPilot is not the problem. I get this massive frame drops in my MSFS, always when i open another tool or software from my taskbar on the second monitor screen (vPilot, Littlenav Map, Vat-Spy, Mobile Companion, Chrome/Edge Browser etc.) But when i take a look into my Task-Manager, my CPU is only at max. 70% and RAM max. 50%. But in the Sim (aircraft parked), the FPS goes sometimes down to 5 FPS with little freezes and sound stuttering… Maybe is the Windows 11 developer update a problem!? I never had this massive FPS drops before.

I should make a new and fresh Windows 10 Installation. I dont like the W11 :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I did some tests again… The massive FPS drop is definitely caused by the drone cam modus. Always when i look around in the area or for a 360 view, the FPS goes down immediately and extremely and will be down forever! When i left the drone cam modus, i get my normal FPS back. This problem is since SU5 i think. I never had this before…

So vPilot and VATSIM is not the problem!!!