FPS go from 70 to 25

After a lengthy re-install from steam, the FPS starts at 70 and then drops to 25. I have taken out the shaders and have emptied the caches. When the fps drop and stay at 25, I then use Steam to “check the integrity” of the files with Steam and am told all is ok. Then when I restart FS2020 I’m faced with a 90+gig installation of files that takes 23 hours to download. Is anybody else having a similar problem and have you found a solution? (Is this a Steam problem? Should I skip Steam and buy FS2020 from the marketplace?)

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First off, do not do an integrity check with Steam, this (as you have seen) forces a re-install. It doesn’t work the same way in Steam as it does in MSFS Store.

Secondly, No issues with Steam, in fact, you’ll find allot of users prefer it over the MS Store.

You must have something else going on.

Can you provide your system specs?
Community folder empty?

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My educated guess is it has nothing to do with your hardware/PC and something going on w/ the sim as several of us have had terrible performance these last couple of days.

MY RIG is as follows:

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti
Driver version 551.61
Intel(R)Core™i5-6600 CPU@3.50GHz
31.83 GB RAM
1920x1080, 60Hz
Windows 10

Is there to do a “repair” or “check” in Steam to make sure FS2020 is ok? Can it be done at the MSFS store if I have the Steam version?