FPS goes to single digit during scoring of flight challenges after SU13

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Since update (SU 13) the sim performs fine while flying in VR but will quite often fall to 8 to 10 fps during the scoring in the Nice landing challenge. It will sometimes recover after several minutes and allow another landing at normal frame rates. Other times it will allow 2 or 3 landings without the frame rate degradation during the scoring. However, I have observed on several occasions that it even changed the PC Anti-Alias entry from AMD FSR2 to TAA when this happened. It left the VR Anti-Alias set at AMD FSR 2. I manually changed the PC Anti-Alias back to AMD FSR 2 and it would again change it to TAA when it changed the frame rates yet again. Also when hovering the mouse over Anti-Alias the description over to the right it no longer mentions AMD FSR 2 but instead talks about NVIDIA DLSS even though AMD FSR 2 is shown in the Anti-Aliasing menu.

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Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero X570
Ryzen 5 5600X
RX 6900XT
HP Reverb G2

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The update on 11/8/2023 resolved this issue. All is as before. Thank you very much Asobo. Merci beaucoup!!

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