FPS in VR are so painfull

I feel its quite good for the age of my system, especially seeing as the GPU is more than 4 years old now.

Taxing I get 25-30fps, and altitude is 30-35fps+ in airliners. Add another 10-15fps for GA aircraft.

I think it’s a bit of a myth to say that MSFS only uses one core, simply not true as multiple cores are used (and was stated in the live Q&A with the Asobo). Hopefully we should see a performance increase, or at least more steady/consistent fps with less stuttering with the DX12 release and other under the hood optimisations they’re working on. Really looking forward to it - they’ve come a long way since release.

Performance has improved of late with the OpenXR changes in my G2, but it was never that bad to begin with after reducing render scaling in OpenXR to 70% which is absolutely fine visually. VR continues to be an absolute joy with GA planes, I can’t comment on the tubes, sorry. Performance for me is great, everything smooth, it’s better now over London and Paris, but not as smooth.

That Paris photogrammetry flash screen in the startup I had a look earlier, it’s not that bad. I hardly think the sim is a laughing stock if you base it on that screenshot. Asobo aren’t blind, they must know Bluesky’s photogrammetry is a fall in standard comparied to Bings photogrammetry providers but I guess it’s either them or nothing and Asobo badly wanted Paris and London to feature in the sim.

I have a massive smile on my face whenever I boot up VR in this sim. I’ve probably put the last 100 hours of VR exclusively in MSFS. I can honestly say my views appear to be the complete opposite of yours, not knocking that at all, Microsoft and Asobo have work to do to make this sim VR ready for a wider audiance and systems, that much is clear but from my rig with my expectations and my MSFS settings, my experience in VR is second to none, absolutely love it.


Damm fellas, I’m not sure if we’re even playing the same “game”.

I’ve got a 10600K paired with a 2070 Super and HP Reverb G2s, and I routinely fly the complex airplanes (A32NX, CRJ, CJ4, turbo Bonanza, stock Baron, and some others, combined with usually pilot2ATC 3rd party ATC (though I’m evaluating PF3), but every once in a blue moon with stock ATC, and my VR performance is just fine.

Sure, if you check what the fps counters say, you might be inclined to freak out (it’s usually 25-30), but I rarely even bother turning them on and instead rely on my eyes to tell me if it’s working or not, and except really dense scenery environments (with Charles de Gaulle and Paris in general being the worst offenders I’ve noticed so far, though it’s a big globe out there and there’s far more places I haven’t been than there are that I have), it’s smooth as can be.

In fact, again with the exception of those super dense scenery areas, the only place I even notice the “slow” fps rates are if I look directly out of my left hand window and down to the ground on a takeoff roll, but that’s not where my attention should ever even be on a takeoff roll. And once I get to cruising altitude, even if it’s only 4,000-5,000’ in say a 172, I can’t see it even when looking at the same spot.

I fly virtually exclusively in VR, unless the whole point of my flight is to get screenshots, which are better in 2D. Occasionally I will setup my flight and FMS in 2D because I have to access my Simbrief documents and other things that require peeking out from my “matrix helmet” (as my lovely bride calls it), but I’ve even gotten away from that more and more, and jump into VR the moment I hit the cockpit.

So my advice is turn the fps counters off, and go by what you see with the ocular devices that your mother gave you. At the end of the day, that’s the only thing that truly matters.


There’s something even better - an unwashed C172 Taildragger.

C172 Taildragger C172 Taildragger cockpit

I just came to state my un-relinquishing disappointment for this sim. was flying fine a few months back, been busy with life but came back to the sim today and cant get VR to function beyond a slideshow at any level. Absolute joke

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@Bagpipe4925 It’s not an “absolute joke”. Hundreds of thousands of people are routinely using the sim without having serious problems like you are, although probably not that many if we’re specifically talking VR. But myself and many, many others use VR in MSFS on a daily basis and it works fine.

So what that tells me is that there’s something wrong with your specific installation. Unfortunately, the list of things that it might be is long, and some of them are very difficult to troubleshoot, but I’ll give you a list of “usual suspects” to try first.

First, make sure you have WMR and OXR (both available from the Windows store) installed and updated to the current version. It may be a manual process to update windows store apps, so you open the store app, click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, and then click on “Downloads and Updates”. When you do that you’ll see a screen that has all your apps, with a button in the upper right that says “Get updates”.

Click on that button. If it comes up with any updates, then make sure they are installed and continue hitting the “Get updates” button until it says “You’re good to go”. Unfortunately, this is a manual process, so you’ll have to remember to do it on a regular basis, I like to do it at least once a week, or when someone here or in any of the other MSFS forums I participate in posts about a new update having been released. If you don’t have those apps, you can acquire them from the store app (they are free). You’re looking for “Mixed Reality Portal”, and “OpenXR Developer tools for Windows”, even though the commonly used names are WMR and OXR.

Next make sure windows itself is updated and stays that way. In the search box near your windows button on your taskbar, simply type “Update” to take you to the utility that will allow you to ensure that is done. You should also set it to do so automatically. Unlike the windows store apps, that can be automated so you don’t have to worry about it, but I’d still advise doing it manually from time to time just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Once those are done, check your performance, and if it’s still bad, then setup your Nvidia Control Panel, various windows settings, and MSFS settings according to the instructions in post one of this thread. Thanks belong with @CptLucky8 who is the author of that post and associated instructions.

If that STILL doesn’t work, then remove any CPU and GPU overclocks that you have. Note that some motherboards will automatically overclock CPUs, so even if you think you aren’t overclocked, you might be, and you’ll have to have a discussion with your BIOS utility to solve that. To access that you typically would hit F2 or the delete key during the boot process to send you into your BIOS setup utility. It can be difficult to know exactly when to do that so just hit one or the other key continuously from the time you power on your computer until you find yourself in the BIOS setup. If you reach the Windows login screen, you missed it, so reboot, and try hitting DEL again, over and over and over again until it works properly. I can’t help you with your BIOS as they’re all different depending on what make and model motherboard you have, but google is your friend if you don’t already know how to do that.

If that still doesn’t work, then empty your Community folder (no need to delete, just cut and paste the files into a different location, or even better, use a management tool like this one.

If the problems persist, the next step is to try installing MSFS on another computer in your household to see if it has the same problems you’re experiencing. If it does not, then the hard part starts. Because that means definitively that your computer is somehow the responsible party, but exactly how will be extremely hard to ascertain. I would personally start by temporarily removing RAM modules to see if you have a bad one that is the culprit. And just because they may work completely fine with anything else, they could still be an issue for MSFS as it stresses hardware like nothing else on your computer, unless you’re literally running CIA level cryptoanalysis stuff. If testing the RAM by selectively removing sticks doesn’t reveal the culprit, then you’re in deep poopoo. Because we still know the problem is your computer because you tested a different one and it worked (btw, if you test another one and it doesn’t work properly, then it’s probably your Internet connection that is at fault.). At that point, I’d say the next most likely thing is your power supply, but it could literally be ANYTHING that’s inside your computer. Your CPU, your GPU, the motherboard, chipset, like I said, ANYTHING. So I hope your detective skills are up to date, because you’re gonna need them.

Anyway, good luck, if you have questions, hit me up and I’ll do what I can.


I get good, smooth VR performance in the air even with all resolutions at 100% and all high settings, but a slide show on the ground near terminals, even with much lower settings. Any advice?

Well, that might depend on what terminals…even in 2D there are places like Los Angeles (KLAX) that are terrible in the sim for 2D and of course for VR where you can literally see the performance hit an inflection point when you get within a short distance of KLAX, almost like you crossed an imaginary boundary. I have similar and good performance in VR and on the ground in most airports, even some busier ones like Chicago Midway (but for me KLAX is awful so I avoid it), but will say that if the ground traffic settings are higher with lots of vehicles that is a performance hit so try turning down the ground traffic settings to say 25% and not 100% and see if that helps you. Also, do you have multiplayer on and/or real time air traffic on? Those are hogs and impact 2D and VR for sure even on higher end systems.

Hi Kev,

Thanks for the info. I will try some of what you suggest though I uphold my previous comment.
It IS an absolute joke that MS and Asobo think it is acceptable to pedal a piece of software to so many which taxes modern home hardware so phenomenally, as you say.

The fact that it was running fine in VR previously and now does not, which has lead to an increase in complaints from users regarding VR performance drops, to me anyway, is quite indicative of the fact that they have not kept this aspect of the sim at the forefront of their efforts. Though it does not surprise me given that VR in MSFS was an after thought anyway.

I do appreciate your advice though man so thank you! :smile:

Not sure comparing MSFS performance in VR to that of Roller Coaster is fair…

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Do you use SteamVR? I have compared SteamVR to WMR in the last few days and found out that SteamVR is a problem on my machine. It starts the Mixed Reality Portal automatically when I start MSFS. When I then start VR via STRG-TAB I often have a Slide-Show on ground at the terminal.
I do not have this behaviour with OpenXR and WMR.

You may ask why I tried to use SteamVR. Answer: I would like to use OpenVRTool (OVR) to get the windows of Pilot2ATC and Self-Loading-Cargo into the cockpit. This works but at the moment it is not stable. I tried everything but in 2 of 3 cases I get extreme slow FPS - this weird 10 FPS value that you also get when you stop VR by again typing STRG-TAB.

I gave up with SteamVR and OVR and came back to WMR only.

I’ll try reducing various traffic settings tonight, thanks for the advice!

Lol, you pretty much EXACTLY describe my own experience. I too tried SteamVR for the purpose of using OpenVRTool. As soon as I use SteamVR my fps goes to one every 10 seconds (no exaggeration!). I have never figured out why.

I also gave up on SteamVR and OVR and went back to WMR only. It is eerie how similar our experiences are…


I want to thank you for your post sneaky74. I did after many attempts seemed to have found a set procedure to follow that allows it to actually work. Now that I have it working, it’s incredible and I’m loving it. To get to this point, hopefully this new procedure continues to work for me, was a torture of frustration beyond anything anybody should ever have to face or go through. I’m a rocket scientist.

Cheers and stay safe,

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That’s lovely @Paco572 I’m glad you’ve found that balance in the sim which works for you. Plenty of work still to be done but there is also much enjoyment to be had. Take care! :+1:

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LOL. I also tried Beta and Non-Beta Versions of ‘WMR for SteamVR’ and SteamVR - didn’t help.

I also tried to get rid of any traffic (AI, Multiplayer, Live) - didn’t make a difference as well. So I came to the conclusion that I have to stick with OXR/WMR.

Butter smooth VR for me lately. Outside of known problematic areas and aircraft of course


The trouble with the current situation is you can have way higher h/w specs than someone else with a middle of the road PC and they can be getting higher fps than you, with less powerful gear. There seems to be so many other factors at play that can impact performance in this game alone (other games like Elite and Aerofly FS2 work flawlessly with no tinkering with settings at all). For example, if you have one or more onscreen display apps enabled, it tanks your framerate.
It really shouldn’t be ‘you need to follow all the steps to the letter’ to get reasonable performance, but this is where we are right now. I don’t think we really understand which settings are giving the most improvement either, which is why some of the guides say ‘you must follow this guide exactly, don’t skip any of the steps!’. It’s true though, miss a single step and nothing changes, follow all the steps exactly and you can get acceptable results.

Good! Because if you go through the whole list (which I strongly encourage, at least until you find the culprit), you will almost certainly find whatever ails you. I do try to be helpful here, maybe even more than I should when I could be flying, but I probably have a reputation for being something of a hard a$$. But I’m only that way on people who constantly whine rather than taking real steps to solve their problems, or whine over things that are NBD, and one that really gets me going is expecting something, say an autopilot in a 172, to do something it’s straight up not designed to do, like an autolanding. In both IRL and the sim, the autopilots are not designed to do that, nor will they work! If you try to use an autopilot to do an autoland in a 172 IRL, the only thing preventing you from at least a crash and maybe death is dumb, blind luck.

And yet, for some people (like say, ME!), VR is working the same, or even better than it ever has been. The only time I have problems with VR is when I’m running an overclock (typically on my GPU, which I sometimes (like last night) do by accident), but the symptom is a CTD of the sim, not VR specific issues. I also have issues when I pause a flight for an extended period of time, say overnight while I catch my :zzz:s, then it might crash when I turn it on or off. But I don’t blame that on MSFS, because it happens if I turn VR on or off regardless of if I’m using it for FS or not.

If doing the steps from above don’t help, try @CptLucky8’s recommendations for settings that you can find here. @CptLucky8, do those recommendations still stand, or have you changed them in any way?

It was not an afterthought. Perhaps the “when” of their release schedule was changed due to pressure from this forum, but they’ve been planning for VR for years. And they actually already had a dev team working on it for at least a year before the sim was released, assuming they’ve told the truth about that, and I haven’t known them to be untruthful. Yeah, some of their communications skills are poor, most notably their habit of marking bug reports as “solved” when they are in fact nowhere near being solved! I think that is something that needs to be fixed, we need visibility as to the actual status of bugs and when we can expect a real fix. Even if the answer is 2023, or “we have no idea”. I won’t necessarily like that, but I’d rather be told that than be lied to.

@Jummivana another request from me that I’d like a response to. I’d really appreciate answers, even if it’s “I don’t know” or “I’m not allowed to say”, or “maybe we’ll get to that in 2025”. The truth, no matter how bad you might think it sounds is what I want, and I do expect responses from you, which I’ve found have been sorely lacking. So do better, please.

You are very welcome. I actually enjoy helping people solve problems. I just get annoyed by the things I’ve already outlined, and especially annoyed when people just flat up ignore my advice, because I do know what I’m talking about!

@moadib2709, that is excellent advice!

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Can confirm much of what you were saying. I was having serious trouble with VR recently, seemed to get worse, but couldn’t put my finger on exactly when/why.

I had done some testing with HAGS and game mode on/off (out of VR), and found that both on was best when playing on a monitor, but that they (especially HAGS) had a significant downside when using VR. If you’re having trouble and don’t know why, turn that off. If you never use VR, consider turning it on.

But still having pretty bad stutters, both consistently (e.g. a slight judder every second or so when looking out the side at the ground), and also periods of crazy bad stuttering that would seem to reduce FPS to 15 or so for a few seconds. I did a little testing keeping an eye on the FPS counter.

Indeed, I was getting about 1 super slow frame every 1-2 seconds, averaging somewhere around 27 FPS. I thought I’d try clearing out my community folder to see if that helped. What a guess, suddenly I’m on 40+ FPS consistently, no stuttering/juddering. So either too many (I had around 70-80) addons installed, or one or two in particular causing an issue.

I’ve been slowly adding back in my community packages, and have established a ‘minimum viable’ set that I want to play with, that doesn’t overly affect the FPS/stuttering. Now averaging around 37 FPS with no stutters. I’m not massively happy about having to be selective with my 3rd party addons, but wow, the VR is 100% fixed, and that’s awesome.

So I very much second the recommendation of removing the community folder and testing.

I actually use MSFS Addons Linker (as you suggest), a great free tool, and it has easy to use presets. So now I have a few presets like “Standard” (which is pretty much everything installed which I’ll use for monitor play), “Minimal” which is just the bare necessities, “Minimal + VR” which is the same but with a couple of extras specific to VR. Just load up whichever one is appropriate before you run the sim, and/or turn on aircraft/airports as and when you know you’re about to use them, and see if that helps.

For reference, I’m running an OC 5900x, and an OC RTX 3090, 64GB of RAM, m.2 storage. So a pretty high end system. I’m not saying everyone should get 40 FPS in VR (mine is a reverb G2), but I have graphics basically on High across the board (1 or 2 medium, 1 or 2 ultra, render scale and LODs at 100). But I was suffering, and removing some addons has fixed it.

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