FPS increasing when send in-flight windows (ATC,VFR, etc) to second monitor

I use multi-monitor with my setup and found something weird.
As much as I send in-flight windows to my second screen framerate will increasing more.
It’s occurs to me every time since install last update.

Intel 9900K@5.1
RTX 2070 @2K/High-end/Vsync off
nVme 1TB

While browsing New topics in the summary, reading the title I came to this post and said to myself it would be fine as also having an additional monitor …
Now I’m not sure of the meaning, did this means we expect at first having let say 60 FPS (Frames Per Second), we then get 70 FPS for example when move a popped out window to another monitor ? As, “increasing” is stated in the title, which would be really nice indeed !? :thinking:

It’s not actually increasing the frame rate, your frame rate counter is adding up the FPS from each window. The dev mode FPS display is the canonical source.


Thanks, I get it.