FPS suddenly drops from 60 to 10

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After about 5 minutes flying (C152) FPS suddenly drops from 60 to exactly 10.0. It never recovers unless you end the flight. Restarting flight I get 60 FPS again for like 5 min and then it drops to 10.0 again.
Started with SU5.
FPS counter shows 300-400ms on Main Thread and Manipulators.
Checking CPU - core running MSFS shows 40-70% utilization, CPU total 15-20%.
GPU Utilization at 9%.
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i7 9700K, 32 GB RAM@3600, RTX2080, Samsung 970 NVMe
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SU5 + Hotfix
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same here. any fix?

If you are using live traffic, try turning it off and then on.

no live traffic is off. I have 64GB ram, rtx3090 and I really don’t understand what is going on

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Hmm, im so sorry, i am facing the same issue everytime on a long flight. I mean after flying for more than 3 hours, my FPS suddenly goes below 20. I was able to fix it by turning off the live traffic and turn them back on. So i thought it might be the same issue.

So I noticed that the Grumman Widgeon by Flysimware had a bug that dropped FPS to 10. It was caused by the new particle effects. They released an update to solve it, they said they had accidentally left legacy code in place. I wonder if something similar might be happening with this?

To me it happened with the Asobo C152. Restarted sim - same problem. Tried different graphic settings - same thing. Loaded up a flight with TBM930 and it runs well - flew for like 40 min with solid 50+ FPS. So, to me it was the C152 causing problem. Sounds strange though that Asobo themselves would have left ”legacy” code on that one. And if they did I guess there would have been tons of people reporting the same issue. But, hey who knows…

Im running about 15PFS with an RTX 3090, 64GB Ram. Anyone found A FIX?

Open your “Official One Store” file and check if the ASOBO C 152 is appearing. It might be possible that the file is missing (Possibly some other as well). This means that the aircraft (Or aircrafts) are not INSTALLED. If so open MSFS go to Content Manager and check if this (these) aircraft is INSTALLED. If not proceed manually and it should settle the problem.

This does concern the BASIC ASOBO aircrafts (Mainly the 152 it seems) not the specific liveries like 01 of any GLOBAL, KENMORE or whatever which seem to be automatically installed.

Hope this will help


Had this yesterday on a 7 hour flight from Manchester to Dubai with the default 747.

Was fine until I began my descent.

However, I think mine happened after I selected live weather. I’d had it turned off for the flight for the obvious bug reasons. From that point the whole sim glitched out and couldnt sustain any stability and GPU / CPU were being well under used.

During longer flights i often get <15 fps (Limited by mainthread and “manipulators” in the red.)
I solve this every time by toggling the aircraft traffic from “real time online” to “off”. Afterwards i can turn it back on without problem.