Frame rate increase

I found my framerate increased when popping out a window. Use right Alt key on keyboard and click on screen.


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You mean, You start up Fraps, then popup a window and the FPS get increased? that is a misreading of Fraps then, a well known ‘bug’ or non-accurate reading, but I will give you the benefit of doubt and give it a try with the in-game frame counter :smiley: BUT, this has been posted like hundred of times brother, really

Not another one…

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Nope not fraps, but it works.

Well, I see fraps up there in the screenshots. But I will believe your words lol

NVIDIA my friend, not fraps.

Haven’t gotten any increase from trying this. Might just be the framerate inaccuracy with fraps?

Before knocking someone, give it a try.

Looked like fraps at first. Using RTS Monitor I’m not seeing any changes either :s

I just rolled back my NVIDIA drivers to the 8.17.20 drivers, the new drivers from this month a week or so ago made my frames tank. I have a 2080ti and before update was getting like 40FPS on landing at KORD max graphics 1440p

Updated the graphics drivers and now FS2020 uses like 30% of my GPU and I get 6 frames on landing sometimes. Insanity. rolled back and now my FPS is through the roof and my GPU is at 90% instead of 30-40% I didn’t pay for my card to be 60% unused!

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This is because your frame counter gets confused when you have two windows and adds the FPSs between them.
It does nothing to the real FPS in the sim.

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Oh! you see!? it’s good to give people the benefit of doubt hahaha :smiley:

Then should my frame rate not have doubled?

It depends on how the frame counter reacts to the double window configuration.

hmmmmm, okay, thanks - lesson learnt.

Well since launch when I pop out a window my fps goes down at least 5-10 fps!

Try using the fps counter of the developers mode in the sim you’ll see the true result of popping a window.

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yep, confirmed, thanks

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I’m also the same 1440p 2080ti and noticed a lot of issues too. Thanks for confirming dude

How do you revert the nvidia drivers?