Framerate friendly AI-traffic?

Firstly I apologize for another AI traffic topic.

I have been an avid user of FS2004 where in World Of AI, My Traffic 2006, etc came up with AI traffic which was extremely framerate friendly. They did not use FS aircraft models but hollow aircraft with sometimes lower details, but it made for a nice busy sky.

Is there nothing like this for MSFS 2020 yet?

I know there is multiplayer and other traffic, but they seem to affect overall FPS when used in abundance, since they possibly dont use low polygon models.


Theres a setting under DATA i believe it was, at the very bottom where you can set the models detail level for ai aircraft…

There’s the default AI that comes stock with MSFS currently but its not WOI or anything like that. You can switch to generic AI models to save FPS.

To my knowledge, there’s nothing currently available for AI traffic in MSFS 2020 outside of the default system. There was a program in development before SU5 but SU5 killed that program before it released.

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