France VFR available now on Marketplace & all good retailers, possibly

Interesting to see that there’s a “whole of France” VFR pack on Marketplace.

Forgive me as I’m in my first few months of this Flight Sim love affair so everything is new and exciting. Do these packs overwrite any downloads I have in France? I’m a huge Francophile so most of my non-UK paid and freeware downloads are in France and on the island of Corsica.

On the latter department, I assume this includes Corsica. It may seem like a silly point but divisions between the island and mainland run deep, so if anyone knows for sure I’d appreciate confirmation.

Finally, as my finger hovers over “Buy & Download”, how are VFR packs affected by world updates? France is of course next for that treatment along with Belgium, Netherlands and Luxentaxhavenburg.

Any pointers and help, as always, will be really appreciated. Happy weekend everyone.

Hello !

If you are talking about “France obstacles and VFR landmarks” add-on, I’m using it for a while and it’s quite good. It add many elements likes bridges, castles, churches, observatories (at least the one in Pyrenees), antennas, gondolas, water towers, electric lines, etc… Keep in mind that this add-on have nothing to do with satelite imagery, and that this is mainly about french countryside, as it will have only few effect on big cities.

As far as I can tell, it replaces some vanilla buildings by new ones (like the castle in my birthplace for example) and some which are lacking in the original game (churches most of the time). it means that when world update 4 will be released, it could make conflicts with it, untill they release a new version of the add-on. If you bough some add-on dedicated to specific buildings like churches and castles, you could have conflicts too.

Regarding their website, it covers the whole country, so Corsica should be included (or they’ll have troubles with corsicans in anyway :p)

I hope I helped you, see you over french landscapes :wink:


Yes I totally agree with what Ofnir21 said.

We must just say that however it is like a pretty ok modelisation but not an accurate one…

I mean for example, if the bridge of Saint Nazaine is done, the cars are not above it but under (on the water). In my parent’s neighbourhood we have 2 water towers, one is correct, but the other one…

The same for the church, they indeed changed the churches by a new one but for example in the case of a very ancient church or on the contrary very very new, it is weird…

For myself, I found it pretty expensive for what it is… 40 € for that… and I ask for a reimbursment (wait and see).

I hope that I could help :slight_smile:

Best regards from a frenchy guy.


That’s actually a sim flaw, not anything scenery makers can easily fix (or at all). Even after USA Update, when Asobo hand built some of the POI bridges, the traffic still travels on the original terrain painted road (in some cases underwater LOL).

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Yes sure, but I noticed other “funny things”, I guess they did in a very automatical way.

They almost had the good places to put the buildings, even if for the city of my parents, you see the builiding on the ground from above and the building modelized 3 meters after.

However, the “FUNNIEST” thing of the package… The eiffel Tower disapears… It is replaced by a very little antenna… It might be funny (really :slight_smile: ) if we didn’t pay 40 € ^^’

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Thank you so much for all of your valuable information and opinions. It’s great to see balanced and detailed opinions from friends over the Channel.

I’m going to go for it. If I’m flying VFR in the countryside I can use the pack, if I’m flying city to city I’ll untick it from the Add-on checker so the Eiffel Tower is still there, it’s just not Paris without it.

Thank you again for your help.

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I think it’s unnecessary, Eiffel tower is not replaced by this add-on, as other monuments originally made by Asobo. No worries about it :slight_smile:
Maybe you should have a look on the description from their website there: France VFR - Scènes photoréalistes pour la simulation de vol : Obstacles et reperes VFR V4 - FRANCE pour MSFS

If i’m right, there is no mention of monuments in the list of stuff added with this add-on :slight_smile:

This Add On prevents MSFS form the start. Actually i can’t start the game, MSFS crashes before loading the main menu. The game works fine without the folder “francevfr-orvfr”.
The folder i located here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore

Problem solved. Just delete the old “francevfr-orvfr” folder and the Game starts again. Just redownload the newest version from the Content Manager and it works fine.

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product from france vfr, don t work fine for me…

doublon, bad color, don t see pylon etc…

very expensive for nothing. very sad.