• LFBA: Agen La Garenne
  • LFBC: BA Cazaux
  • LFBE: Bergerac Dordogne Périgord
  • LFBF: Toulouse Francazal
  • LFBG: BA Cognac Chateaubernard
  • LFBM: BA Mont de Marsan
  • LFBS: Biscarosse Parentisa
  • LFBU: Angoulême Brie Champniers
  • LFBX: Périgueux Bassillac
  • LFBY: Dax Seyresse
  • LFCA: Chatellerault Targe
  • LFCB: Bagneres de Luchon
  • LFCC: Cahors Lalbenque
  • LFCD: Andernos les Bains
  • LFCH: Arcachon la Teste de Buch
  • LFCI: Albi the Sequester
  • LFCK: Castres Mazamet
  • LFCL: Toulouse Lasbordes
  • LFCN: Nogaro
  • LFCR: Rodez Aveyron
  • LFCS: Bordeaux Léognan Saucats
  • LFCY: Royan Médis
  • LFCZ: Mimizan
  • LFDB: Montauban
  • LFDI: Libourne Artigues de Lussac
  • LFDK: Soulac sur Mer
  • LFDM: Marmande Virazeil
  • LFDN: Rochefort Charente-Maritime
  • LFDP: Saint Pierre d’Oléron
  • LFDS: Sarlat Domme
  • LFDY: Bordeaux Yvrac
  • LFXB: Sainte Thénac


  • 28 improved airports and airfields, some with photo-realistic 3D modeling.
  • 4 military airports added including photo-realistic ground textures.
  • Detailed textures and ground markings.
  • Static flying club and/or military aircraft on all platforms.
  • Reworked vegetation, animated characters and numerous details on most platforms.
  • Reworked realistic night lighting.
  • Photo-realistic ground areas reconstructed and/or reworked on 8 platforms including the main military platforms (Angoulème, Cazaux, Cognac, Toulouse Francazal, Toulouse Lasbordes, Mont-de-Marsan, Saintes and Sarlat).
  • Numerous masked or blurred areas reconstructed with photo-realistic ground textures and associated vegetation.
  • Main obstacles and VFR landmarks referenced by the SIA.
  • Marinas and pleasure boat anchorages throughout the scene.
  • Very many remarkable objects (antennas, castles, water towers, churches, wind turbines, industrial reservoirs, greenhouses, electrical transformers, toll booths, stands, silos and agricultural reservoirs…).
  • Numerous activities (gliders, parachutists, helicopters, flights of birds, etc.).
  • Network of high voltage electrical pylons from 63kV to 400kV including marking near airport and port platforms.
  • Traffic signs (around 15,000 signs) on the entire main road network.
  • Railway catenaries on the entire railway network.
  • Coastline completely cleaned of excess vegetation.
  • High voltage railway and electricity network cleaned of excess vegetation.
  • Stand-alone operation or in addition to our other product ranges.
  • SIA – VAC – IAC – APT – ARRDEP cards provided

LFBA: Agen La Garenne

  • LFBC: BA Cazaux


*** LFBE : Bergerac Dordogne Périgord**

*** LFBF : Toulouse Francazal**

Any news on FranceVFR Southeast getting updated to fix the issues with City Update 7?

*** LFBG : BA Cognac Chateaubernard**

hi PacyFire

what Issue are you talking about?
I just know that there is an update planned very soon
what is the problem you encountered with the SU15?

It’s not with SU15 but with City Update 7. Some things caused by South-East that I and others have experienced are:

  • massive terrain spikes in the sea just off the coast west, heading back towards Nice.
  • uphill marina in Monaco

I forwarded your message to the developer, I will let you know their response

*** LFBM : BA Mont de Marsan**

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hello, would you be kind enough to post photos of LFCZ Mimizan, I plan to take this South West pack

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  • LFCZ: Mimizan

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FranceVFR has released a patch

We have just completed the patch to adapt the scene to Microsoft’s City Update VII containing photogrammetry from the west of Nice to the east of Monaco!

This photogrammetry, although giving a magnificent rendering, brings a lot of bugs and edge effects (triangles which sometimes move in the water and equally random peaks) of which the main one was the bumps and peaks on the rock and at level of the heliport caused by flatten yet positioned hundreds of meters from the bug concerned. It’s quite disconcerting and it causes us hours and hours wasted racking our brains!

However, I think we are good now, and before releasing the official 1.40 update at the beginning of the week we suggest you test the main corrections by downloading and copying the 4 files provided into your Scenery directory.

Click here to download patch v1.40…

The final update will also contain corrections to certain textures (water towers a little too bright white) but also and above all several hundred blockhouses like those already offered in the South-West region.

PS: there remain some small defects if used WITHOUT the City Update because certain objects will be a little depressed, particularly on the heliport, because it is not possible to make flatten with the City Update and it is not no question of starting to make several versions! As a general rule, users are considered to have installed free content offered by Microsoft for France.