Free Flying Lessons courtesy of Microsoft with a real instructor

I completely missed these…looks absolutely fantastic…

[OFFICIAL] Flying Lessons: C152 - Community / Community Events - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
Community](Community - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums)Community Events

February 3rd, 22:00 – February 4th, 00:00, (GMT+00:00) London

Dec 2020


Very interesting. Tks for share… :wink:

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Thanks for the link, I completely missed these lessons. My secret dream anyway is to have back the legendary Rod Machado :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes combine them with @FSFlyingSchool’s FSFlyingSchool and @choon172’s FS Academy VFR and IFR mission packs along with FAA’s two free mandatory books and you no longer need Rod Machado. (Sorry Rod but you missed the train this time). Also highly recommend @TheFlyingFabio’s Twitch VODs, subscribing to him and joining his discord. Download his past VODs quick before they expire. Every time I watch him I end up learning a gazillion of aviation stuff.


Thanks for the recommendation!

MSFSAddons had this to say about FS Academy - IFR:
“Seriously impressive… Something that is dearly missing in MSFS… Once again we were impressed by how well FS Academy put this package together” -

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@EvidencePlz Thanks for the kind words about FSFlyingSchool :slight_smile:

Please try our free demo!


We’ve been given PC Pilot 5 “Classic Product” Awards over the 16 years we’ve been in the industry.

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Great to see so much support for training no matter where it comes from

Just a reminder on the ‘Official Flying Lessons’ at the top of the thread above don’t forget to download the pdf material

I already purchased FS Academy VFR and FSFlyingschool, and at present I am enjoying both products. Anyway, I still think that the old lessons by Rod Machado in FSX were able to add a touch of humour that is still missing today. I also own several, more technical books by Machado, and I appreciate his deep knowledge of many aspects of aviation. So I still hope in a future participation to the new platform.


It might be totally true (or untrue even) but I’ve been told by others in this forum that Rod said Microsoft never contacted him about MSFS. I agree about his touch of humour and its importance, and without that humour I don’t think I’d have continued to read and engage with the MSFS 2004 tutorials as much as I did back then. I bought his Private Pilot Handbook at a discount two years ago, and it’s always fun to re-read parts of it from time to time just for that humour.

Only a couple of years ago he wrote an article endorsing use of home desktop flight simulators such as FSX as an aid to real world flight training:

Yes, I have the Private Pilot Handbook and also the Instrument Pilot’s Survival Manual, that deals more specifically with IFR practices.
Probably, after all this time passed form FSX, MS changed management and external contacts, so it is plausible that Machado has not been minimally involved with the new sim.

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