Free, or paid - cheap, android compatible flight trackers


I’m on the look out for a good flight tracking app that works on Android. Currently I’m using Little NavMap on Windows but it would be good to have a native flight tracking app on my Android tablet. Foreflight looks like a good fit, but it only has an iOS app.

I’m not averse to using HTTP/websites but I am trying to avoid it if necessary since performance isn’t fantastic.

Having come across the following thread, I tried Naviator but there is very little documentation for running it with MSFS.

This is only for flight simming, hence why I’d like something that is relatively cheap and, ideally although not a deal-breaker, a one time payment or else a low subscription fee.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Little NavMap has a built in web server that can run in the background.
You forward your port and open the result from anywhere.
Just sayin’


Yep, littlenavmap works perfectly. You just point the browser of your android device and the correct port on your PC and you are away. :+1:

I’ve tried Little NavMap with the web server but found it a bit clunky so was wondering if there are any native Android apps.

Will give it a try again though and see how it goes.

Do you have Navigraph? It is a subscription but pretty darn cheap and the navdata is WAY more comprensive than the default NavBlu. All the charts at your fingertips. Flight planning can be a bit clunky til you get used to it but it even integrates into the inflight toolbar.

Really handy when doing long flights and my wife has chores for me. I can keep track of my progress on my phone while getting the ‘do list’ done.

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I did buy Navigraph, I’ve been using low red copies of their charts available via Google Images, so that was my first purchase as soon as my tablet arrived. It’s great!

Unfortunately there is no flight following functionality (or maybe I purchased the wrong version? I’ll check their pricing matrix again) but the charts and planning are fantastic. Paired with Little Navmap and it becomes a different experience entirely.

Strange. Navigraph Simlink provides realtime following. You can superimpose the STAR and APP plates over the base map and watch the aircraft track those as well. Not sure why you aren’t seeing that. Tap the arrow beside the settings gear at the top of the screen and you should see your position.

Volanta — Your personal flight tracker is a nice flight tracker that is free to use. It doesn’t have any mobile app, but it can be accessed through any browser, so you can open your browser in your android phone/tablet. And just login to it. And you can track your flights there. It also records all your flight history as well.

You just need to download and install the Windows app, and let it run as you fly. It’ll track your flight in the Windows App, and you just need to login to volanta using your web browser in your Android Phone/Tablet, and you should see a mirror of what the app is doing and you see your flight being tracked.

It also records the statistics as well, like your landing rate, etc.

If you have subscribed to the Navigraph Charts, you should have access to the flight tracker. But you need to install another app called Navigraph SimLink. This is a separate app that you need to install separately from the Charts app. Because the charts app itself doesn’t do the tracking, it only displays your tracked aircraft. But the tracking app itself comes from the Navigraph SimLink, which you need to download and install separately.

with own App :

web based :

or MSFS Mobile Companion App » Microsoft Flight Simulator

all need a server program running on the PC ! So you install a PC .exe and then either run the FS Pilot App or surf to the according website for Findmyplane or MSFS Mobile App on your phone/tablet.

the two web based ones, you can send a chrome website to your desktop as a fixed link on Android so that it starts without the navigation bar on top.

I’ve sorted Navigraph, as you’ve described, and have settled with Volanta for flight tracking as it’s an awesome app.

Glad to hear you found something you like. Otherwise I might’ve suggested FltPlan Go. It’s budget (aka free) ForeFlight but on Android.

I’ll try that out also, cheers!