[Free/Professional] Merril C. Meigs Field (KCGX) - Meigs is back! [Reference]

Meigs Field… No need to explain the nostalgic importance of this airfield… Remember those good old days again with this full recreation of Meigs Field!

Take off again from runway 36 and see the Chicago buildings landscape in the background, just like 20 years ago :wink:

Or simply enjoy this magnificent field to plan your trips around Chicago.

  • Custom Terminal building, with handmade interiors, full night lighting and hyper-realistic PBR materials (only Pro Version).
  • Custom handmade Control Tower and custom hangar with interiors to spawn from it (Only Pro version).
  • Full rework of airport entrance and parking areas (only Pro Version).
  • Historically accurate runway and, taxiways and parking areas.
  • Full night lighting.
  • Full ATC functionality.
  • VASI22 (historically accurate).
  • Ground services such as push-backs and fuel refueling.
  • Complete remake of the bay and docks by the side of the airport.
  • An much more!

Video by AusFlight360


Note from the author:

Developing this airport has taken me more than 150 hours of hard work for now (no kidding)… mostly working on weekends, spare time and at nights after work (and it almost ends with my marriage LOL!).

For this reason, and at least to cover the minimal costs of this enormous work and support development, I have decided to create a “Pro-Version” further to the Free version (which will still be available).

The main difference between both is that the Pro-Version includes (and will include) all the functional buildings of the airport handmade and with custom interiors created out of actual pictures and other reference material, making the most realistic Meigs Field add-on for Flight Simulator up to date.

My intention is to create a very high quality professional product up to today standards for an affordable price.

An airport that you can consider your Home Airport within Flight Simulator.

You can get both versions here:


  • Final Pro version (2.1) has been released. I will keep a discount for a couple of days for the people of the forum :wink:

  • Free version has also been updated to v.1.5 (see changelog below).

Install instructions

  1. Remove any previous installation on the “community” folder.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Copy the folder included on the .ZIP file on "C:\Users[YOUR_USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community".
  4. Enjoy

Free Version 1.5

  • Solved a problem affecting some users where the airport needs to be reinstalled after each FS update.
  • Added new light poles to improve night lighting.
  • Improved runway, painted lines and apron textures.

Airport Charts::

Official Support: meigsfieldcontact@gmail.com

Thank you!!!


Awesome, Thanks

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This is awesome, thanks so much!

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Very nice; makes an old man happy. Adler Planetarium would be a nice addition.


It is! It’s the stock photogrammetry model at the end of the island. Or do you mean other building?

Awesome :slight_smile:


Here’s the perfect nostalgia flightplan:

KCGX -> -CGT -> EON -> IKK -> RBS -> KCMI


An important currently ficticious addition for all of us old Flight Simmers that learned to fly from Meigs in the early days of MS Flight Sim :slight_smile:


Don’t want to be a know-it-all, but I think you got the runway orientation wrong. When I select RWY 36 I have to take off southward. :slight_smile:

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Really?? Does the plane look to 180 when you select runway 36? I will check.

It’s not a MS Flight Simulator without Meigs Fiels.
First start, first landing and many crashes in between (sorry John Hancock).

Many thanks!


Thank you and I hope you enjoy it!!

Yeah, thats sooo great…you made my day! Many thanks! :grin:
The only thing i miss so far is the VASI on Rwy36.
And all the concrete surfaces look good, but seem a bit too rough…i’ve never been at Meigs Field unfortunately, but my C152 does horribly squeak and moan while rolling and bouncing over the apron :wink:

PS: support sent :+1:t2:

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Thanks a lot!! Will definitively have a look at the materials and roughness and correct the smoothness. VASI is well noted for the next update :wink: thanks for the comments and the support! And hope you are enjoying it!


Wow I thought Orbx would surely be first to release CGX - well done.

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Many thanks! Hope u enjoy it!

thank you so much for your hard work… this takes me back a few years.

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Many thanks! That’s the purpose why I did it. It also takes me back to those days, and makes me realize how far flight simulation has come over the years…


Wow! Definitely brings back memories! This is so cool!

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Thanks! Glad you like it!