Freelook in drone camera

I want to use my middle mouse button (hold it down) to freelook around in drone camera. I want to use my keyboard to move the cameras physical location, but use the mouse to pitch the camera up/down/left/right. This is possible in the cockpit via freelook (hold) but not in drone camera. Please make it happen!

The mouse works great for looking around in Cockpit and External cameras. Right-click and you can smoothly look anywhere, and zoom in/out with the scroll wheel. I have an XBOX controller and numeric pad set up for most of my controlling of cameras. However they do not work as well for “looking around” as the mouse does in Cockpit/External modes. Please ad the same mouse controls to the Drone/Showcase view mode. That way all 3 view modes will work the same for looking around. We will be able to smoothly look up and left in drone mode with the mouse, which emulates a head looking around much better than anything you can do with a game controller. THANKS!

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There are a couple of other requests for Microsoft/Asobo to provide an interface to the camera system. This would make possible what you are asking for and a whole lot more.

It would bring an amazing amount of functionality. For instance, many have been asking for a “Fly By” camera mode. If the Devs provide the API as requested, it would allow 3rd part developers to offer that and other awesome features.

And, they are chomping’ at the bit to get started. We would see solutions very quickly.

I believe this work (creating and documenting the API) would be done by the SDK team.