Freeware Addon Airports not found after MSFS 2020 update

I have installed some freeware add-on airfields in the community folder. Every time there is an update from Flusi, I move these add-ons from the community folder to another folder.

When the update is installed, I move the add-ons back to the community folder.

However, I can then no longer call up certain add-on airfields, e.g. Stuttgart EDDS. So that I can use it again, I have to download and reinstall it. Most of the time it’s also newer versions than the ones I’ve had before.

However, this procedure is very tedious, as it has to be carried out for me after every Flusi update.

I would be interested if anyone among you has had the same experience.

Greetings, Heinz

Hallo Heinz!

First, do not move your addons out of the community folder,but rename it to Community.old, and build a new folder called Community.When you did the update,rename the Community folder to Community.leer(I am german)and the othe one back to Community.And no,there is no explainable reason,why the old addons should not be called upby the sim.If the problem persist,send me private message or join “”.


Hello Scott
Thanks for the answer.
With the next SIM update I will proceed according to your instructions. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll contact you.
Greetings, Heinz

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Hello Scott

I found a post on the net that says that an emptying of the community folder before a simulator update is not necessary for sceneries.

What do you think about?

Here the link:

Apparently this only applies to sceneries. Or does it also apply, for example, to aircraft painting or, to put it another way, what does it definitely not apply to?

Greetings, Heinz

Same problem for me after SIM update 4. Only seems to “hit” airports that are missing in the sim itself. For me at least these: BGTL, BGBW, EKGV, KCGX. I am pretty sure that moving everything out of the Community folder is one of the recommendations when updating the SIM. Microsoft could you advise a work-around?