[Freeware Airport] EGTK - Oxford Airport

London Oxford airport is a relatively small airport to the North West of London, which sees primarily private jets and general aviation aircraft.

The airport is unfortunately only available as a runway in the base simulator, and therefore this has become my first project while familiarizing myself with the SDK.

The airport has been constructed to be as close to the real thing within the contraints of the SDK and without custom models.

Download link
Current Version: 1.0.1

Version History


  • Initial version


  • Fixed mini cliff on taxiway B
  • Added ATC Tower
Known Issues

Night Lighting is not present
There is little night lighting available outside of the main runways, this is due to issues with the SDK and scenery creator, which place taxiway edge lights hundreds of meters from the runway. This is not an issue I am able to fix at present.

Odd types of vehicles are parked in some areas
Unfortunately there is little reference material available on the types of script needed to change the vehicles which are able to spawn, however it is being worked on.

Refuelling areas are not designated
Currently there is no way to stop a refueling area generating extra equipment, which is randomised each time, and therefore causes issues with taxiway width and buildings.


Download the files linked here, and paste them in the following folder, depending on your purchased edition.

C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community

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thank you for your work. nice to see that a new designer is coming up. hope you will stick with it and enjoy the projects

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Without custom models? That’s amazing!

I was afraid it would need a lot of Blendering to get those buildings there!

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Version 1.0.1 released
Have just pushed version 1.0.1, which unhides the ATC tower, and removes a small cliff on taxiway B due to incorrect terrain data. This can be downloaded using the original link, or here

Release Notes


  • Fixed mini cliff on taxiway B
  • Added ATC Tower

Superb! thank you!!

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I live mid way between Oxford Kidlington and Brize Norton so this is definitely one I’ll be installing, thank you.

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