[Freeware Airport] LELC Murcia-San Javier Spain (actu 14/10)

Hello! Thank you very much partner, you may have downloaded an image for the airport area as an addon? If so, try to remove it or the runway will overlap over the image and taking into account that the airport is 0 hand made may have a margin of position error causing this effect. If not, Asobo may have updated the terrain by incorporating the image of the runways, because in previous versions the airport does not exist.

Know that the project is not abandoned at all, here you can see the state:

I have not uploaded any more updates because I have removed almost all the objects and buildings that will be replaced by the final realistic version in 3D once recreated. Uploading the current version without buildings seems illogical to me and therefore I am waiting to finish at least the buildings and main objects to provide a minimum immersion. Understand also that I have had to learn to use Blender from scratch and the SDK is giving me many problems running at 5 FPS so it is a very complicated and slow task to continue with it. I think it’s a problem when taking the menus out of the SDK to other PC screens.

If the latter were the case I think it will have to wait for the next update so that I can correct it, and it will still take a while since I have made great advances and I have removed most of the temporary set waiting to replace it with the 3D recreated one, Which would take me a lot of work until it’s in an acceptable version.

Thanks for your effort. It really looks great. I´m really looking forward to this update.

By the way, I was going to contact you.

Last time I landed in your previous version, runway 23L was duplicated. Is this normal (maybe a consequence of repeated sim updates) or is there something wrong with my system?

Thanks again for your hard work.

Hi! Thank you, really. Well, apparently, in the end, Asobo decided to include a land photo of the airport where there was nothing before, As I mentioned earlier to the partner so this seems to be the cause and that in the previous version the airport was still not correctly aligned to reality. This causes the duplicate, I have a base image on the original scenario and I have also aligned the tracks so I can not see the bug, try to reinstall it, but I think until the next revision I will not be able to fix it. Greetings.

Thanks for your fast repply.

At least now I know there is a reason for what I see.
Will wait until your next update. Sure it will be great!

I will try to update as soon as possible, even if with buildings and objects again from the MFS itself so that at least you can get rid of the problem and also use the other track. MFS could have included the image of the terrain from the beginning, it would have saved me a lot of work at the beginning. See if I can make it next month, greetings.

By the way, the final version also includes a photogrammetric version of La Manga del Mar Menor.

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How fast in your response! Thanks a lot!
I will wait with pleasure for you to make the new version that will surely be a marvel!
Very thankful.
A cordial greeting.

Today i land in your airport i didnt know that you close right runway it was a very surprise ruinto the barrier and vehicles in the middle of the runway i dead of course.

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Hahahah XD sorry friend, soon it will be open, I should have asked permission to the controller ATC, do not imagine how much has changed including terraforming, unevenness, etc on tracks and taxiways.

Hello, when will you upload the new version?

Hello comrade, at first I hope to have it by the end of this month, it will be to correct the problem caused with the alignment of the new terrain image that Asobo put, I did not want to release a new version until it progressed even more, Anyway the advances regarding the current version are huge, but I would have liked to have been able to advance more with the buildings, which are few and are in a version very early greetings!

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I am a new Xbox player and do not own a PC version. Will these upgrades be added to the marketplace or only directly through a download. Excellent work, by the way

Hello fellow the truth is that I had not raised this issue… For now it is a very early version and to raise this case would have to be already a nearly finished version. I don’t know what requirements Asobo imposes to add an airport to the marketplace, but I’ll find out, when someone does something for everyone’s enjoyment it’s always nice to be able to reach the most people better. Greetings and thank you.

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Good everyone, I know I said I would have a new update by the end of the month and I promise I have tried but for those of you who don’t know about it a couple of updates it has become impossible to work on the SDK for which we do scenarios. It’s literally a titanic task, you can have 85 stable fps that when you go into SDK mode fall to 5/10 and it’s not the only thing, it’s very unstable, it paralyzes all the work, you have to give a dozen clicks to select something, even to keep, and what you used to do in 5 minutes now you need 30, being conservative…
I have tried to find a solution, some in the forum comment that downloading graphics to the minimum, I have tried everything but there is no way, I have a ryzen 3 3900X and the SDK is as if I was using only 1 of the 24 threads available for you to get the idea, so I’m a lot slower than I expected, let’s hope Asobo does something about it because if there’s no way…

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Much encouragement xXPelorraXx!
Hopefully ASOBO makes things easier!
Thanks for being attentive to your fans :slight_smile:

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