Freeware - Antarctica Airstrip Pack

It is quite a surprising fact that there are flights to Antarctica using ordinary airliner, provided by a company called Skytraders, but the corresponding airport is missing so I made one to put there. The corresponding waypoints for RNAV approach is already present in the game, and charts are available on Airservices Australia AIS:
I have also made the livery of Skytraders for A230neo, although they use A319 in real life. The livery has been submitted to Liveries Mega Pack, pending acceptance.


plz provide more screenshots, or is it just a runway with nothing else?

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no animated penguins means no antarctica

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Yes, there is nothing else other than the runway just like those small bushstrips in jungles, although a small flattened area is maintained as apron besides the start of runway 9T in real life.

might be hard to get back home for those of us not fooling themselves with ‘unlimited fuel’ :cold_face:

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south america is not so far

A single flight from Hobart (where Skytraders serves Antarctic flights) to Wilkins takes about 1874NM to complete. The typical range of A319LR which Skytraders uses is about 4500NM. After looking at the payload-range characteristics of A320neo, it can fly for about 4000NM with only 5 tons of payload, and about 4300NM for an empty one, so I think it might be possible for using A320neo to complete a return trip without refueling, although I won’t have such patient to sit for 9 hrs in MSFS :crazy_face:

The payload-range characteristics of A320neo can be found on page 143 of a document by Airbus:

I’ve upgraded the mod to include other airstrips in Antarctica, which includes:

  • Troll Airfield (AT27) - Norway
  • Marambio Airport (SAWB) - Argentina
  • Novo Runway (AT17) - Russia
  • Teniente R. Marsh Airport (SCRM) - Chile
  • Rothera Air Facility (EGAR) - UK
  • Sky Blu Skiway (AT24) - UK
  • Union Glacier Blue-Ice Runway (SCGC) - US

There are still about 20 known airstrips missing, but I’m unable to make them as they can’t be seen on satellite images, runway configuration unknown or they are built on sea ice

Download Link

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