Freeware BGCO - Nerlerit Inaat Airport - Greenland

Nerlerit Inaat Airport is an airport in the Sermersooq municipality in eastern Greenland. It is located on Jameson Land and serves the town of Ittoqqortoormiit, approximately 40 km (25 mi) to the south-east.
The airport acts as stopping off point for a number of expeditions into Jameson Land and Northeast Greenland National Park. Areas such as Renland have only just been visited, or have had no known visitors.
In summer 2004 the airport was the destination of an arctic trip by two German microlight pilots flying a Flight Design CT2K light aircraft.



  • ICAO code BGCO
  • 1000-meter dirt/gravel runway
  • local fishers are out for work
  • 1 medium GA ramp parking spot


Wow, looks great. Thanks a lot for the contribution - I know where I’ll fly tonight!


Yes, that’s right, that’s why I want this airfield in there in Flight Simulator.

Harro Lorenz and Rolf Bausewein flew there with the CT from a small airfield Eggersdorf near Berlin ICAO EDCE. The CT was also built and maintained at this airfield by the company Flightdesign.

In addition, Rolf Bausewein was my examiner for my sports pilot license, which I graduated in 2007 under his watchful eyes. He was a good pilot and a good friend. Unfortunately he crashed and died about 10 years ago on a maintenance flight.

Thank you very much for the airfield so that a little dream comes true now all I need is my home airfield EDAY (Strausberg)

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Nice, thanks for making it

Great contribution, looks good! well done

Little issue that you can hopefully fix. You got the equipment driving around with no one in it, like the pull it has no one on it and the quipment also seem to be stuck in an endless loop.

Awesome job bud!! These look great!

Thank you for spotting this. Updated the package. For the latest version just re-download.

thanks for the quick fix

Just tried new version still same issue, they drive in a hanging loop and with no one on it, see screenshots

I think you didnt add the changes to the new download.

sorry for the inconvenience! works fine on my end

updated package and link in #1 post, make sure its

will download again lol, no worries

Downloaded 1-2 and installed, still same problem they still move with no one on it and still do a loop and start over lol. Maybe its something you cant fix ?

Maybe remove those 2 service vehicles for now until you find out what is causing it ?

That’s crazy. 1-2 doesn’t even have those objects in the scenery at all.
I’m out of Ideas, sorry. :pensive:

ok crazy, here it still has them on it. Maybe it gets generated by FS itself ?

going to try it again lol, who knows 3 times is the charm right

Maybe but it didn’t do anything like it on the other 2 airports I did.
Just make sure to restart the sim as well.

Omg my age is starting to act up lol , I had it unzipped but forgot to take the other folder out so I had the first and the 3rd lol works now lol. And seen your others too, please make more of those nice little airfields in Canada, maybe some that are missing in Alaska too if you can. I know Valdez is missing in Alaska which is a shame as it hosts yearly stoll competitions.

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