(Freeware) CYOW - Ottawa International Airport

Hello All!

I just wanted to share some progress on my airport terminal replacement project! There hasn’t been much love for the Ottawa International Airport. It seems the larger hubs get the attention, but Ottawa is left out, as is some other great Canadian airports. I wanted to do something about that.

Now as a disclaimer, I am not a professional scenery developer or an expert in any way, I just wanted to do something special for the airport and the community.

I present to you the starting of the Ottawa Airport.

There will be some bugs to fix, my plan is to get a base airport finished first, just so it looks better then the main terminal, almost like an “Alpha” and then I will continue to strong support and update the project to a level I am happy with.

I find right now the difficulty is that I don’t fully understand the SDK, and while I am learning it, the only way to modify some of the existing elements, is to fully rebuild the airport (runways/taxiways) from scratch. My goal is to keep the airport as close to the base model as possible, while just updating all the buildings and adding to the airport. That way there are fewer issues for those on the VATSIM network, or who play multiplayer.

Would love comments and suggestions, I might not be able to incorporate them all right away, but I will sure try to get them in over time.


Things looking really good! I am totally gonna grab this when it’s done :slight_smile: nice work! Thanks for sharing.
Edit: I hope you can recreate the wind tunnel and the elevated road leading up to the terminal. I’ve been through here a few times :slight_smile:

Haha, Yeah the wind tunnel is def. a staple of that airport! I think I will do a “scenic features” package once I get the main terminal done. Would love to get the fire station, ottawa flying club and the wind tunnel in there. I am hoping to also add the bridge across the main entry road. Right now, that’s just a huge dip in the ground. It sucks trying to taxi over it.

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Development has kinda stalled. I am stuck on figuring out how to texture the model. So if there is an interested party in helping texture the building with previous experience, I would welcome the help. My goal is to keep the model open source/free.

I also do airports for MSFS and I think I can say that I´m quite experienced already with the in-game Editor after just finnishing a 46 hour project but I´m still unexperienced with doing custom 3D models. Have you used blender or which program?

If you use blender then I might be able to help you with texturing

I am using blender and I can’t get the textures to export with the FSDeveloper plugin tool, even selecting the MSFS Texture thingy. Do you mind if I send you a small flying club at the Ottawa Airport to test? I can PM you my discord handle if that works?

Yes please send me your Discord. With the plugin tool you mean Blender2MSFS ? I am not yet at that stage as I first have to finnish my first model in Blender but I thought I could send you some helpful tutorials that I have bookmarked.

Speaking of Blender I actually thought I could ask you couple things about your Terminal model if you don´t mind :grinning:

where can you download Chris Auto Airport or can you keep me updated looking good.

Is this still a project? Anywhere to download it?

Hey @CuddlyBurger , Sorry I haven’t worked any further on this airport due to the constraints of the SDK. There is another CYOW airport kicking around though. If you do a quick Google search, you should be able to find it!

I accidentally bumped into this post. I think I’m the one that’s “kicking around”. I will release my CYOW within a week possibly. It’s a massive project, very detailed: you can see some preview screenshots here: https://flightsimulation.romandesign.ca/creative-process/