[Freeware] EDXH - Duene Airport Helgoland - Upgrade

This is a rework of EDXH, the airport that serves Helgoland in the North Sea off Germany, or Heligoland to the British for some reason.

I have also included the heliport there which has the fictional ICAO EDYZ. Out to sea at the wind farms there are a couple of platforms and a ship to land on.

Most of the work has been done to the smaller island with the airport on it. I’m going to wait until World Update 6 before doing more to the main island.

On the smaller I have added elevations, buildings, replaced some of the ground and added fencing and light.

At the airport itself all the ground has been replaced and custom buildings added. Still a fair bit more work to do but it’s still rather better than it was.


Great news. I love this island, have been there several times irl. It’s a great experience to fly over there in the Britten Norman Islander and approaching the short runway. I am sure it will become great scenery like the Scilly Islands.