[Freeware] EGHK/EG39 Penzance Heliport

This is Penzance Heliport in Penzance, Cornwall that flies to Tresco and St Marys on the Isles of Scilly.

This is purely for the helicopterists of course, but I’m sure you could get some of the bush planes off the ground here, however I seriously doubt you’ll be making any friends by doing it.

This isn’t the sim so it’s been scratch built. You get two parking spots, a custom terminal and some lovely windsocks.

Its real ICAO, EGHK, has been allocated to somewhere else in the sim, so I’ve given it EG39 instead.

The surrounding area is pretty darned rough so I’ll have to return to this to resurface and repaint it, but in the meantime this should be a fine place to fly from as long as you close your eyes for the first minute after taking off.