[Freeware] FAMET Los Rodeos (GCXM)

FAMET Los Rodeos (GCXM) is the Spanish Army Helicopter Forces base located next to Los Rodeos airport in the north of Tenerife and it´s the helicopter base for operations in the Canary Islands. This base is currently not existing in game. It´s the homebase of BHELMA VI squadrons operating the last AB-212 helicopters still existing in the Spanish Army. Los Rodeos Army base, which is next to FAMET heliport, also holds the UME emergency units that provide support for rescue and firefighting tasks in the islands.

NOTE: addon does not modify the civil airport to make it compatible with third party addons. It has it´s own real ICAO and tower freqs and assets are not connected to the civil airport structure. Additionally an exclusion rectangle has been included to delete any possible content created by other mods. This exclusion is limited to the military heliport area only.

Complete features list of the addon is the following:

  • Accurate representation of heliport and Army base layout and their key areas, including the helicopter boneyard and vehicles circuit, workshops and preserved monument in the apron.

  • Complete apron area featuring the FATO extension, the additional hangar, all parking positions, sloped terrain and apron following the real base terrain elevation.

  • Main hangar with the control tower building included on it.

  • Open hangar with parking position inside. Doors are closed automatically at dusk.

  • FATO, TLOF and apron lights. Heliport does not have PAPI as the one from the civil airport is used for aproaches. Taxiway lights and signs also added to ease ground movements.

  • Basic 3D assets such as windsock, VOR and antennas added to nearby default civil airport area to add the missing assets or replace the ones wrongly generated as generic buildings by game.

  • Fuel box and ground services included to take advantage of all game features. In real base they just use a fuel truck.

  • Multiple small details added such as static helicopters, marshallers, working crews and decoration.

Airport does not include any custom approach, as most operations are visual or are supported by nearby Tenerife VOR/NDB. You can find the official charts here: AIP España

The addon requires official game content from several airport addons. Therefore you need to install the World Updates and the 40th anniversary content as well.


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Geloxo I have been downloading your FAMET scenarios which are very good due to the delicate workmanship of their details…they give it life…but I don’t know why this scenario, GCXM, appears to me sunk like 7 meters with respect to the SRTEAM airport GCXO. I do not use any topography of the canaries, only the one from the simulator. I know that your scenery is not committed to the airport. Hoping you can find the solution, a big greeting from Panama.

There´s an issue with terrain elevation in all areas surrounding the civil airport indeed, not only in the FAMET one. I already detected that during edition. With default civil airport (no GCXO addons nor other addons for the area) the original FAMET area does what you describe, even if you place just one object in editor like a truck for instance. That happens while not using my FAMET addon yet so just when you edit anything in the vanilla game area.

Trying to solve it I added an exclussion rectangle to delete everything existing in that small FAMET area without changing the civil airport at all and I also included a custom terrain elevation with priority 10. That solved this bizarre issue it in my case at least and there´s nothing else I can do to improve it. Increasing my elevation priority to 100 for instance made no difference. Indeed when loading the addon source files in editor it goes below civil airport runway level for just 1 second but later on it follows my custom terrain elevation properly. However the addon works well in my case when it´s loaded normally in a regular game launch.

To be honest I have no idea about the reason for this issue. It´s the only addon where I have faced that… If anyone else knows the possible reason please comment it. Anyway, if you have Iberia WU and my addon already installed, you can try to rebuild scenery indexes by deleting all contents inside:


Game will create new indexes for all addons during game launch, so it won´t break anything but it may take a while. This may fix the issue in your case because that fix solved many other issues in the past with other addons that were not behaving correctly.


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Thank you for your prompt response. I’ll try your suggestion… but if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work… let’s not lose sleep over it. Do not stop recreating those fantastic scenes that you know how to do and that I enjoy flying.

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