[Freeware] Yongphula Domestic Airport (VQTY), (VQ10) Bhutan

Yongphulla Airport (IATA: YON, ICAO: VQTY) (also known as Yonphula Airport / Yongphula Airport) is a domestic airport in Bhutan, one of four airports in the country. It is located near the town of Trashigang in Trashigang District.

In game the ICAO code is VQ10.

Currently uploading to flightsim.to

Known issues:

  • Satellite image in game isn´t great. Also the elevation might not be quite correct, as I didnt find any height maps for that area.
  • Anemometer propeller, not sure what its called :slight_smile: isn´t properly looping the animation.

all buildings handcrafted and textured.


Excellent work my friend

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Fantastic! Goog job!

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Oh my god, this looks absolutely great, and we really need more scenery in the region. Thanks for making it :hugs:


Amazing work. I love it.

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