Freeze and CTD in VR -solved-

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When flying with VATSIM and without VATSIM in VR (HP Reverb G2) I get a freeze and CTD randomly in the middle of the flight at latest. Happened with Fenix A320 and multiple times with PMDG 737-800 while preparing the aircraft.
The Sim freezes for a couple seconds and then I get a CTD.
Happens in DX11 and DX12 but does not happen in GA Planes… EDIT: Happened also with default 787-10.
Somehow VFR flights with C152 etc. are fine.

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Start a flight in VR…

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NVIDIA 536.67

PC specs and peripheral set up:

AMD 5800X3D - G.Skill Aegis 32GB DDR 4 RAM - NVIDIA RTX 4090 - Installed on M2-SSD - Windows 11 - Happens in DX11 and DX12 - HP Reverb G2 with new cable

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Meanwhile I suspect VSR (GitHub - daveblackuk/VSR: Vatsim Radio (VSR) - MSFS 2020 toolbar app for VATSIM) to be the problem:

Thats what I wrote in their discord channel:

"Hi, I am afraid VSR causes CTDs on my system.
I am using VSR only when flying in VR (HP Reverb G2)

My system: AMD 5800X3D - 32GB DDR 4 RAM - NVIDIA RTX 4090.

*Yesterday I tried to fly from LFKJ to LFKB and had several CTD. The Simulator freezes for a couple of seconds at random flight phases and then happens the CTD. I did not suspect VSR so I changed some settings and tried 2 or 3 times again → CTD. *
When I did not start VSR I was able to complete the flight.

Same today with EDDC - EDDH.
*Just when I did not start VSR I was able to finish the flight. When VSR was running I sooner or later had an CTD. *

Is this problem known?

It would be sad because VSR is really helpful and I appreciate the hard work"

Obviously VSR was the problem.

The DLL file was not correctly installed.


How do you install the DLL file correctly?