Freeze on Quit to Desktop

Starting today, whenever I try to close MSFS, the program freezes. I end my flight, go back to the main menu, click Esc “Quit to Desktop”, then click “Yes” on the “Do you want to quit?” popup and the screen locks. I then have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and end the program in the task manager in order for it to close.

Anyone else running into this?

How long are you waiting ? as it often takes a little while to quit out but nothing excessive.

I waited a few minutes. Definitely not a situation where the program is working to close.

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Yeah that’s not normal.

I suddenly started having same problem today. The sim has been running fine on a dedicated PC. I have made no changes at all to my hardware or software. MSFS starts & runs fine otherwise. I emptied my community folder & restarted pc with same result. I have to shutdown MSFS via ‘CRTL-ALT-DELETE >End Task’ which I hate doing! PC working fine otherwise. I have waited up to 10 mins for MSFS to quit before forcing shutdown. Any suggestions before I submit to Zen Desk?

Win 10 with no other programs installed.
AORUS Z390 Pro mobo
Intel I7 9700K not oc’ed
MSI Ventus 2060 RTX Super 8 GB video
32 GB 3600MHz ram
Samsung 970 EVO plus NVMe M.2 Hard drive
SB Audigy FX sound

It still happens to me if I try to quit immediately from the main menu. I’ve found if a wait a minute or two after going back to the main menu, then quit to desktop, I don’t get a freeze as often. Still not right, but the best I found at no freezing.

Well that’s a step in the right direction! Sometimes work-a rounds are the best we can do until MS fixes the problem. I’ll try it. Thanks!

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Same issue here since yesterday. Thx for the waiting hint.

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