Freezing on approach with new 3080 ti

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Stutters and freezing when approaching airport. On new 3080 ti, never happened on 1070.
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I9-10850k, 3080 ti, 32 GB RAM
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Delete and rebuild your rolling cache would be my first suggestion.

Completely resetting to a default graphics setting (start with medium maybe) would be a next step.

I will try the deleting the cache. But there’s no reason with the PC I have that I should have to play the sim on medium.

It’s just a debug step. Not suggesting that’s how is SHOULD work. Thought is to force everything to a reset known state in case something odd is misconfigured. Then start to dial back up if your problem is fixed.

Alrighty I will try that! And keep you posted on what happens! Thank you! Also is deleting the cache the same as just turning it off?

If I remember in the game settings menu, it was called “delete” but it’s been a while.

I have the same PC Specs as you with no issues. Perhaps its a diver problem? Which Nvidia driver are you using? The diver released on the 1st is broken.

As said, search forum for Nvidia driver. Newest version seems to have a problem.

So I just updated the driver the other day and this was all happening before that driver. I also just got the 3080 ti a week ago so it could be something I did wrong graphics wise. I know Nvidia let’s you “optimize” the game from the application but I don’t ever do that with any games.

Just to make sure are you running the sim on the ultra preset? Or do you have it set differently?

I am seeing something quite similar after upgrading to Windows 11, regardless of my NVidia driver the game freezes often on approach but now it seems to be freezing more and more during flight even early. Completely uninstalling and reinstalling FS fixed the problem only for it to creep up again after upgrading the NVidia driver then downgrading it again.