Frequent CTD's since latest update when using TrackIR

I’m gonna post this as a bug, but just curious if any other TrackIR users are seeing the same? Since the USA world update, the game crashes to desktop within 30 seconds of flying. This isn’t just over US scenery, have tried a couple of locations in Europe so far too, and same result.

With TrackIR disabled it seems fine.

No, I’ve had TrackIR stop when I alt+tabbed on two occasions but that is it. And I can’t seem to get it to do it again and I’ve flown two x one hour flights today. Which is kind of good but makes it hard to trust it.

But not CTDs with track it. Flicking switches CTDs every time for me in the M20R but that is it, so far.

My TrackIR worked great last night for a couple hours. Never had an issue with it.

Weird, just me then by the sounds of it. Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Problem solved. I had a CTD earlier while not even using TrackIR, so realised it wasn’t that.

Then I remembered about a week ago I disabled my pagefile.sys (to free up the 32GB of disk space it was using on my storage HDD). Re-enabled this just now and all good :+1: