Frequent VR freezes and screen blackouts

OK, This is my setup:
MSI Z490 Ace
32gb Corsair vengeance RGB 3200 RAM
RTX3090 FE
HP Reverb G2
MSFS 2020 Microsoft Store version

I have been having issues since the get go with frequent in flight screen blackouts whereby the headset display goes black and the sim hangs for sometimes a couple of seconds but sometimes over a minute. This does not cause CTD and the sim eventually resumes albeit with whatever aircraft you are flying it takes a lurch.

(Additional info: Sound continues whilst headset blacked out and removing headset, the PC Monitor Screen picture is frozen)

It is completely independent of any settings from low to Ultra, it still happens. Various Open XR settings tried from 70 - 100 %, again no difference.

It flies smoothly and perfectly in between and then bang there it goes again.

It is also independent of any action or looking about as it can happen when you are completely motionless.

This only happens in MSFS 2020 and not on any other game or Sim including X-Plane 11.

I have tried everything…all the forum suggestions here and DCS and HP. No difference.

I have the latest HP firmware and Nvidia Drivers.

I am on my third Reverb power lead and now have the new switched version.
I am on my second headset and now have two which I interchange to test this out and am pretty sure now that it is not a hardware issue with the headset.


Is anyone else experiencing this really annoying phenomenon and can anyone help?


Have you tried plugging into a powered USB Hub? One with it’s own power cord?

Yes, no difference

Tried the Nvidia Studio drivers? Just an idea…

Not yet but as I say I dont have any issues with any other programs or Sims so would expect the Nvidia drivers to have issues across the board?

had that day ago, think it was Mixed Reality Portal / MS Mixed Reality software, is what I uninstalled, reinstalled (bloody ‘mirror audio to desktop’ not working any more, again, scheisxs),

prob because these apps get updated so often (and OpenXR)
don’t want to uninstall/reinstall the whole lot

I get the new HP G2 cable tomorrow in the mail! huzzaaa, who knows what that does (had to tell them I had errors)

I get what you describe in 1 specific instance. I use a TV as my computer screen and sometimes it likes to turn itself off to save power or save the screen when not in use. When I’m in VR using my reverb G2, sometimes the TV shuts off. When that happens my headset goes black for a few seconds or longer then as you describe returns to normal usage. If I’m in VR and turn the TV back on, the same thing happens. It totally disrupts the headset.

That’s my guess for you. Some device is going into a sleep mode or powering down causing your problems.

If you can’t find a device as described, you might look into the USB ports. I remember USB ports will shut off after a time. There’s some setting to prevent USB from suspending, I think in the power plan options somewhere but can’t remember. You could try that.

Thanks for the feedback. This has been ongoing for months and I have even uninstalled and re-installed the whole sim more than once. Sometimes it behaves for the first session then it’s back to abnormal!

I will give the open XR and mixed reality portal a go and see.

I also wonder if there is a conflict with Steam VR which MSFS does not use but other sims and apps do.

My monitor is still displaying a frozen picture when it occurs but I will re-check all my USB ports and any sleeping hardware setting in case a windows update or Bios update changed anything…you never know

Interesting, All my USB Hub settings for power management had been re-set to ‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.’ I have once again disabled these settings in Device Manager and will report back on any improvements.

Good, it seems you found a usb setting but just in case here’s the setting I was thinking about. It is in the power plan. Of course I don’t know if it will work but it’s worth a try.

Thanks Mayhem, yes I already had my power settings set to that so more surprised to find that the Device Manager settings had reverted to allow it.

I also uninstalled the mixed reality portal and open XR and open XR dev tool then re-installed just in case.

So now off for a flight in my ongoing A320NX round the world tour…Started from London Gatwick in 2 hour chunks. Tonight is Seoul to Narita.

Will let you know how it goes.

I have also had this since VR launch but chalked it up to having a very marginal system. I also will at times get a CTD after a long pause. Usually the sound will also cut out and I’ll get dropped back to the VR Portal room. I also frequently get this while waiting for a flight to load but usually no CTD. I’ll have to look at the USB settings to see if that helps at all.

My Specs:
MSI Z370 Pro
GTX 1070 ti
HP Reverb G2
MSFS 2020 Microsoft Store version

Seems to happen after certain Windows 10 monthly updates. I always go back in and check all mine after I get an update to Windows 10. Bit of a pain but worth doing.

Great Flight and ILS Landing superb into Narita.

Unfortunately still getting several blackouts and two long ones when transitioning scenery close to airports.

Well that’s too bad. I had my fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers:

Well, I have one last thought. I still think it’s a hardware issue although from your description it can’t be the headset itself or the power/wire.

So with that in mind the only other thing to check is the computer. I’m sure you already did this many times but have you tried the OCCT stress tests? They’re extreme tests but that’s what you need here. MSFS is an extreme game. If your computer can pass these then at least you can be certain it’s not the hardware components.

My suggestion is you download OCCT ( It’s free and has a number of stress tests for all your components (see photo). I don’t think its necessary to perform long testing. Something like 15 mins per test should expose any hardware glitches or over-heating. Note it also has temperature monitors so you should watch the temps as you’re running the tests.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s maddening. I wish you luck.

Make extra sure the cord is plugged all the way in in the headset.

Thanks for that, I downloaded it, ran every test and all passed with flying colours, no problems.

Go figure!

Nice. Those are tough tests so you should now be conviced it’s not any of the following:

  1. CPU
  2. GPU
  3. RAM
  4. PSU
  5. temperatures
  6. USB ports shutting down
  7. the reverb G2 or the power for it

So that’s a lot of positives but unfortunately you still haven’t found a culprit. If you’re up for more I have more suggestions. Basically you just keep eliminating all possibilities until you find something.

First, on the software side, have you looked at the official post from zendesk? Specifically it has a list of other software that is known to conflict with the game so if you have any of those installed you should get rid of them.

On the hardware side I would keep eliminating devices to see if you can find an impact. Some things come to mind.

  1. since you mentioned your monitor also freezes when this happens I wonder if there’s a connection there. Maybe after starting the game, unplug your monitor and just run the game with only the headset connected. See if that has an impact so you can eliminate the monitor and/or the monitor connection with the GPU out of the equation.
  2. on my computer I have many external devices plugged into it. If you have the same, maybe one of them is causing the problem. Try unplugging all of them except what is only absolutely needed to fly. If the problem still exists then even unplug your HOTAS or joystick and fly by just the keyboard.

Good luck!