Friday night Flights @ 9pm EDT ~140kts

Aircraft: Grumman Goose or any floatplane that can maintain 140 knots.
Friday May 19th @ 9pm EDT on USA West server.
All welcome, casual flight. Join our Discord if you would like to voice chat (optional).
Flight Conditions: All Players, Live Traffic, Few Clouds, 3pm,
Flight lead: Lazerbolt

Hey pilots! Join us Friday night as we explore beautiful Hawaii!

This flight will be in the Grumman Goose, but any floatplane that can maintain 140 knots IAS is fine.

Server: West US
Weather: Few Clouds preset
3pm in game local

Friday’s flight plan is as follows:

Hana Departure (PHHN)
-water landing
Ford Island NALF (NPS)
-Scenic waypoints
Lihue (PHLI)

A handy .PLN flight plan file can be found below:

Join us Friday for this beautiful flight around Hawaii!

Happy landings,

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