Friends Not Appearing On Map

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No Friends Appear On World Map. Even after a FULL sim and xBox app reinstall, no friends ever appear on the world map or in the friends drop down list. Map shows the usual green dots of others, but NOT anyone I’m friends with.
Others can see mee on the map and in their list, and I can see names that are not friends on my list. I DO see the aircraft in sim.

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Which version of the sim you and your friends are using: (SU!4) or (SU15B) ?. You must all be on the same version to see each others.

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Never use betas anymore, Nor do most of my friends, so its not about different versions. I see EVERYONE else just fine, but not friends. Bizarre!

Have a look at that workaround, hopefully it can help:

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I appreciate the thought, but tbh thats rather obvious. I fly on several group flights every week, both large and small, and everyone is always on the same server and same multiplayer settings. Due to the usual server issues this sim has with people constantly disappearing, we’re often switching back and forth between servers. This doesn’t help with my issue of friends not showing on the world map.

Check that you are both on the same online server.

Reading my post that you replied to would have claified that lol

Oh yeah you said you were on the same server god I’m dumb

A possible work around @DougalMcTav

Save the list first!


If the privacy settings of the party members are correctly set up, remove and re-add your friends.

  • Close Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Log in to
  • Go to your Profile
  • Under Friends & Club, click your friends’ profiles
  • For each, click “Remove friend
  • Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Click “Add friend” then enter the gamertag of a friend then click send
  • Once your friends have accepted the invitation, go back to and add them again to your Xbox Live Friend list.

Sadly, that too failed:-( See Discord DM