Front view without cockpit


Is there a way to have the front view without any virtual cockpit?


Use the drone camera and move it to the front of the window.

No, apparently native support for simpits is coming later which for such a basic request I find a bit disappointing

You can comment out the models in the cfg file or as has been said move the drone. Trouble with moving the drone is that it plays the external sounds


OK I think there is hope!

Just been experimenting with the camera.cfg fior the 787. You can create a “cockpit” type view manually which hides the VC, going to need to play around as the result was not what I expected as the camera position appeared well in front of the nose.

Camera definition’s unique identifier. This GUID must be unique.
Origin ENUM:
Every camera definition must have an origin that defines the object or point on which the camera is oriented:
Cockpit – Camera is locked at fixed position in the 2D cockpit. Forward views include 2D instrument panel. Oblique view angle show virtual cockpit interior.


Using this method, is there any way to show multiple camera views at the same time? Out the front, and out the side windows for example?

Not that I can see, undocking views does not appear to be supported

Thank you for this

@kand449170 I’ve been testing around with the Bonanza camera.cfg but don’t get any results. Could you please share your folder path and adjustment approach? :slight_smile:

well sadly it seems I spoke to soon, creating the old 2D style FSX camera seems to create a new camera attached far in front and on the ground! it gives the illusion you have the old system back but you dont. You can still comment out the interior model in the model.cfg and then set the flags to not display the internal model when inside but I am not sure this part is working properly yet.

The only way out of this for us home cockpit users is to get our legacy models converted to the new folder structure and use them is FS2020 along with the old airfile system.

I am coming from XP11, with little to no experience with MSFS. In XP11 you can edit the airplane, and delete interior parts so they are transparent. Also, move parts. In my case it was needed to delete the window frames and door parts, and move the wings forward so they looked like the correct position.

What you seem to be saying is that we can edit the model.cfg to basically do the same thing? Can you please explain a little?

Maybe with not displaying the internal model, moving the camera to a good position, playing with resolutions, and zoom in or out, I could get it to display across the 3 monitors with acceptable distortion. Until they give us true multi monitor support that is.

The way it is right now, is not even playable.

I dont think you can dissasemble the model, it maybe possible using modelconvetrer X but it would be against the EULA.

In the simobjects/model folder, there is a model.cfg file. There are some options on that file to play with.

That’s fine. Can you make certain components not visible using the config file? Like the door frames and such.

Independent, movable cameras would make this so much easier.

Did like you said. I now have something I can work with. Might get someplace after all.

Will report back as I begin to figure things out.

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I have been working on it for hours now. Trying to find a solution to the nvidia stretch. I thought maybe there was an app for that. There is no app for that. LOL

So, I have the view better. No window or door parts, also instruments are gone, which is fine as I will be using Air Manager when it comes time.

No solution to the window stretching thing though. If there was a FOV slider, it might work. They really need to implement independent camera views for it to work for us.


airmanager is possible with some work

AirManager and FS2020…struggled for hours getting this to work. then found the missing pieces.

Step1: download air manager 4.0 beta from here…

Step2. install and activate it.
Activation isn’t yours, but is BETA/BETA

Step 3.
Download and install beta plugin…

Step 4.
program any gauges you need to work in am4.0 by cloning them, then edit your clones so the variable functions fsx_variable_subscribe should be duplicated then change “fsx” in fsx_variable_subscribe( to fs2020_variable subscribe(
any variables that access LVARS wont work and any global vars that don’t work will need to reference the not-yet-released sdk to replace. i have found none yet that don’t work. Altimeter kollsman setting was “KOLLSMAN SETTING HG”,“inHg” but returned 0 every time. So i used “KOLLSMAN SETTING HG”,“NUMBER” and got the millibars*100…so the Baron Altimeter had to swap the pressureHg and pressureMb logic for it to work, but it works…

Step 5.
build a panel with your custom cloned repaired gauges looking for the chest/head silhouette icon

what was confusing was couldn’t find a link anywhere (should be linked on beta manager download page at least) but after searching “BETA” on the wiki, found the missing piece.


example of Beechcraft B58 Altimeter rewritten for FS2020

txt_inhg = txt_add(“00.00”, “size:32px; color: sienna; halign: center;”, 271, 322, 120, 40)
txt_hpa = txt_add(“0000”, “size:32px; color: sienna; halign: center;”, 122, 322, 120, 40)
txt_altk = txt_add(“0000”, “size:48px; color: white; halign: right;”, 118, 153, 200, 55)

img_small_k_needle = img_add_fullscreen(“altimeter_thin_needle.png”)
img_small_needle = img_add_fullscreen(“altimeter_small_needle.png”)
img_big_needle = img_add_fullscreen(“altimeter_big_needle.png”)

function dial_callback(baroset)
if baroset == 1 then
elseif baroset == -1 then

function PT_altimeter(altitude, pressure)
k = (altitude/10000)*36
h = ( (altitude - math.floor(altitude/10000)*10000)/1000 )*36
t = ( altitude - math.floor(altitude/10000)*10000 )*0.36

rotate(img_small_k_needle, k)
rotate(img_small_needle, h)
rotate(img_big_needle, t)

kk = k/3.6
hh = h/36
tt = t/0.36-hh*1000

txt_set(txt_altk, string.format("%05.0f", altitude) )
txt_set(txt_inhg, string.format("%05.02f", pressure) )
txt_set(txt_hpa, string.format("%.0f", pressure* 33.8639) )

function PT_altimeter_FS2020(altitude, pressure)
PT_altimeter(altitude, pressure / 33.8639 / 100)

xpl_dataref_subscribe(“sim/cockpit2/gauges/indicators/altitude_ft_pilot”, “FLOAT”,
“sim/cockpit/misc/barometer_setting”, “FLOAT”, PT_altimeter)
fsx_variable_subscribe(“INDICATED ALTITUDE”, “Feet”,
“KOHLSMAN SETTING HG”, “inHg”, PT_altimeter)
fs2020_variable_subscribe(“INDICATED ALTITUDE”, “Feet”,
“KOHLSMAN SETTING HG”, “number”, PT_altimeter_FS2020)

baro_dial = dial_add(“dial_alt.png”,10,398,104,104,dial_callback)


Thank you so much! Glad to know it works. I had read that the beta worked, but had not tried it.

I am going to hold off though till Microsoft gives us real multi monitor support. Then it would be worth the time put into it.

now the issue is the FS2020 Bridging Service + SimConnect cause massive slowdowns (60fps without, 18-25fps with)

good post, will investigate air manager as I am a simavionics user

I would really like to be able to enjoy the sceneries without being forced to go in external view, since the cockpit wiew greatly reduces the sight of lower part of the scenery (that is realistic in a real plane, I know that). In all other simulators you can exclude the instrument panel and have a clean view of the scenery outside. In this case, with the excellent representation of the world outsise, I will love to see all the possible details and even take screenhots! I happen to be a home cockpit builder so I need a clean view of the outside, but I understand that for this I will have to wait specific developement. Anyway… absolutely GREAT WORK… I’m addicted to explore new areas!

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