Front view without cockpit

If you find a way to show multiple camera views at the same time, please pass it on! Seems like there should be some way to do it.

Sorry, can’t help on the variable list.

We need Asobo to support this natively in the engine, otherwise these are just hacks which may cause more issues long term.

I rasied a Zendesk ticket during alpha and they said it would be added later… hopefully it wont be a long wait.

The more people who raise tickets the higher the chance this will get fixed quicker


I just came up with working hack. Instructions in video info:

Screenshot with undocked screen attached

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Good idea! It works, I put my camera just outside the windscreen, and then I am free to move everywhere, I finally positioned the camera before the propeller, so I have a wonderful view of the outside, and I can swap to the cabin interior just pressing alt-0 and other saved positions and vice-versa.
Now a hud would be useful, waiting for some way to use my avionics monitor for the gauges…!
Thanks for your suggestion!

Private video?
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There is an easier, less destructive way …

Yep i did delete that video. Here is new video with link to easier solution


This is my workaround
It seems to be working and running on two computers
Despite the graphical performance it due to my 2x 780 ti cards.

#Multiple screens functionality
Or try this one

FS 2020 cockpit building

There is a wishlist topic for this:

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I made issue entry - vote up please.

I read the bug report you created. I don’t want to speak for everybody, but I don’t think most people want a camera in the nose of the aircraft. I think people are looking for the same pilot’s-eye view that they have now, but without the instrument panel, or in some cases, the entire cockpit, itself.
The link in the post above yours covers at least the instrument panel variation of that.

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Forward without cockpit as in X-Plane 11.
Go to the aircraft file.
Open the model folder.
Open model.cfg with Notepad++ or similar.
Place “a;” (without quotes) in front of both the interior and exterior model lines.
You will have ONLY scenery from the pilots seat/view.
Even in exterior view you will NOT see the plane.
If you only put the “a;” in front of the interior line, you will get parts of the exterior that look washed out or semi-transparent. Someone can probably figure out how to remove these with a graphics program. I’m not that guy.
If some figures it out, please let us know. I would like to see the cowl, prop and wings just no cockpit.


Also, even with these two lines edited, Air Manager 4.0 works fine.

And TrackIR

You don’t need the “a” just the “;” character.

This sounds good and I would like to use it, however, I prefer to not modify the core simulator files. Do you think there’s a way to either (i) make a copy of the file in the config directory (e.g. under SimObjects where camera files are saved), or (preferred) (ii) develop it into a mod for the Community folder? This would be great!

Completely understand. Hopefully a techy type will read this thread and figure out a way to put it in a mod.
I made a copy of the entire aircraft folder (C172) while I’m testing, just to be safe.

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Thank you Ducky!

I just tried it and can confirm, if you go into the model.cfg file for the aircraft you want, and put a ; before both the cockpit and exterior model.

Find the model.cfg file (in my case for the Pitt’s Special) here:
In that file make both of these changes. Just commenting out the interior still leaves all the exterior pieces visibility, but with transparent interior pieces.
; exterior=Pitts.xml
; interior=Pitts_Interior.xml
Save it, launch, select the plane (you’ll notice the thumbnail for it is gone) and it indeed flies with no models for a wide open view! It’s pretty breathtaking on my 42" HDR TV I use for a monitor.

I did get a crash after finishing a flight, but started right back up with no issue.
A possible option for non destructive of the original files is to copy one of the livery folders and go into the configuration file, but I’d have to play with it to find all the correct settings for a new livery.

Here’s a quick video of it in action (sorry, no screencast, just filmed with my DSLR on my screen.)


So far, with my home cockpit, it is working really well. One unfortunate downside is that without an exterior model there are no landing or taxi lights. If you display the exterior at night, the semi-transparent parts aren’t quite so noticeable and you have lights.
Some things I would like to see:

  1. A Modded file outside of core package (for core aircraft).
  2. A way to keep the exterior model but remove the transparent parts. (probably can not be done because these parts may be hard coded in model file)

PlaneMaker is one of the best things about X-Plane 11. The ability to remove parts of the interior and exterior is AWESOME for home cockpit builders.
It’s just something we’ll have to work with (along with multi monitor support) until Asobo addresses these issues.

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But then how do you see the cockpit when you want to? Is there a way to toggle between these two (visible cockpit/invisible cockpit)? If not, I don’t see it being a solution to anything.