Frozen ocean (saltwater) in SE Alaska not accurate

I am flying with live weather on January 28th, 2021, from PAJN (Juneau International Airport), Juneau, Alaska. FS shows water as frozen / snow covered around airport and other inlets / channels that are all ocean water that never freezes over in real life. These channels and inlets are subject to near 20 foot tidal changes.

Interestingly, FS shows these frozen and snow covered for a few miles before transitioning to normal water. So, it’s like the ocean is a frozen lake.


Same in inland lakes. Have seen all lakes are frozen (white are). But they dont freeze in reallife and it looks terrible.

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Same here in the Norwegian fjords.


Its time to fix this Asobo !


Here is a visual evidence from ENBO area in Norway. The ocean does not freeze up in Norway due to the gulf-current keeping the ocean above 0C entire year.



The fjords are deep frozen in Norway the whole winter season. This is VERY inaccurate comparing to the real world. In fact it is only a tiny bit of the innermost part of Norway’s mainland fjords that are covered with ice during the winter season. This was not an issue during the first year of the simulator, but one update changed this. This is a very frustrating problen in our Norwegian flightsimulator community. The taxi- and runways are not deep covered with snow and ice during the winter season either. Please fix this annoing issue. I post some pictures from the simulator and from the real world so you can see the difference. We all hope you fix this soon.
Thanks in advance:-)


Hi!. Known workaround for icy fjords: Use another weather engine: either xEnviro ore REX Weather Force. Rgd the snow on runway: Use “REX Real Global Airport Textures”.

Not ideal solutions, but solutions nevertheless. I use this when VFR flying in Norway (especially Northern parts) in winter.



That sounds good but you shouldn’t have to pay for something that was already there before the icy water update came.

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Come on Asobo! This has to be fixed! Also in Norway… Just wierd and not true to reality.
Also the snow on rwy and taxiways!


Will REX Weather remove the icing problem on the sea and in the fjords. I can live with snow covered airports but deep frozen sea, coast and fjords irritates me :smile:

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Yes, Rex Weather does not freeze the fjords as the inbuilt weather does.


Thanks for the tips:-)

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Rgd snow on runway/taxiways, the best “workaround” for now is to use the REX global airport textures. They dont get all white on snowy weather. The best solution for me, when flying in northern norway, is xEnviro weather, as snow coverage is more accurate with xEnviro compared to REX weather force.


The solution for the frozen lakes probably is the same as for the frozen ocean water: Water freezing is determined by snow coverage, wich exists in the currently used low resolution but also higher resolution. In the low resolution, snow bleeds into valleys when only mountain tops are covered, and also into lakes and bays, when only the mountains at the cost are covered, so increasing the snow data resolution used should fix this issue and apparently Asobo is in talks with meteoblue to do that.

If you zoom in and out you will see, in lower zoom levels the valleys and fjords are “snow covered”, while zoomed in not.

This would also fix the issue of snow covered lakes and valleys in a summer heat wave in the alps due to the snow on the mountain tops bleeding into the valleys.

Her we go again still not a fix from Asobo
check the picture Location an ICAO on picture taken 23-10-2023 In North Norway

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now, in March 2024 the issue has not been addressed by Meteoblue. No matter what area you go to in the FS world, it’s always the same.

example: Snow across the valley, no snow (correct in real world) below the plane. If Asobo is in talks with Meteoblue - well, as of now March 2024 the situation is still the same.