Frustrated by in-flight freezes

Hello all,

I recently upgraded to Update 5, and I am running into some frustrating issues. I find that the sim basically locks up periodically (sound continues, but video freezes and becomes unresponsive to any inputs). Outside the game, on a second monitor, everything works normally, so it is just the sim.

Thus far, this has always been while “in flight” (not in the menus). Most of the time, it recovers after about 30 seconds, but just now I had one occur while on approach, and even after waiting for several minutes it never came back.

System details:
Alienware R17m4 laptop (closed lid)
dual monitors (1440p for the actual game, and a secondary ultrawide 1440p)
RTX 3060 (notebook)

The majority of my flight time was NOT on this machine, it was on a gaming desktop PC with an i7-9700 and an RTX 2060 with 32GB RAM. However, I recently got this gaming laptop and did some comparisons back in May and the AW was roughly 3-4 FPS faster in most situations. I haven’t attempted to update the desktop PC yet and try there, but I never saw these lockups when I was doing my research to compare the performance of the two machines (on an older release of the sim).

I have seen other (older) posts where freezes were blamed on a bluetooth mouse/KB, but that isn’t applicable here, as my mouse/KB are wired. (I did turn off bluetooth on the machine with no improvement).

These aren’t really CTDs - since it never fully crashes - it either locks up for a period of time, or it locks up indefinitely, and doesn’t crash to the desktop.

Anyone out there have any thoughts or suggestions?

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