Long freezes after su5

I had nothing but issues with this game. every minute theres one long freeze that last 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Its so stupid


Same here, if I can even get it load up at all…

Before this update I hadn’t had one freeze, CTD, etc. issue at all.

Decided to try a clean install and now as it’s downloading getting the same 30 second - 2 minutes freezes while installing. I have a 1 gig internet connection and this will take 2 days at this rate…


If I can get into the air I get a 1 to 2 minute pause then it releases for about a minute and then the pause again. I also have trouble navigating the menus they seem to pause too. Some people the sim is working . But for allot of us we are grounded till they fix it. Its not your computer.


Same here. GTX1660 Super, set to medium.

Worked Great before update.

The sim has been rendered unusable.

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Same here. Tried multiple flights now. Ever time I get the long 30 sec freezes, then after only about 2 mins of flight I get a fatal lockup and either a CTD or more often than not, a BSOD, with a different BSOD message every time.

Machine has run everything else 100% reliably for 3.5 years since it was new.

One attempted flight, I set the sim up, then found the FLY button was totally inactive.

This really is a very poor show from the Asobo team.

I so want to admire their work, because some of the programming is class leading, but the quality control, and the entire lack of the devs pressence in these forums is deplorable.

I just realised, for the first time, it hasn’t even occured to me to file a zendesk. I mean what would be the point. I filed 100s in the past, and none of them seem to have had the slightest effect.

They do what they want, when they want.

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I should just mention that in all my 2 minute ‘flights-before-CTD/BSOD’, it is very obvious on my system that the FPS performance has improved by over 50%.

Not so convinced that the microstutters have gone away. They are perhaps less prevalent as the FPS is higher, but they are definintely still there, not to mention the HUGE PAUSES which happen even in a 2-minute flight.

Very disappointed.


What we have with SU5 should have been on beta test a month ago to iron out the significant problems.

If they do have a beta phase, then it clearly needs reviewing and changing, as it is simply not providing the necessary quality control at this time.


glad im not the only one


I had it also, I9 10900K and RTX 3090. It seemed to only appear right after startup, for several minutes. Did not have to be flying, the freeze also happens if you are just looking at the menus.

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I have exactly the same problem. Long freezes (1min+) during a flight and sometimes in the menus. It never happened before this update.
Other than that I get of course the fps increase but also a lot of poping, most of all in photogrametric cities. And while moving the camera, the more obvious is when activating the quick views, the framerate is not very stable and can lose 10/15 fps.


I’ve had the same. The menus and in-flight, especially at the airport (even Asobo’s KATL). I hardly ever had pauses, stutters, FPS issues before SU5 and I’m not running a top of the line rig (not bottom either - 2060 Super, 3900X all SSD). The freezes are so bad it’ll interrupt my engine fire up sequence in the DC-6 (where you have to wait for the engineer to callout the prop turns and then quickly hit the primer and boost - it stops at nine and then resets often, never getting to 12).

This is the first hour I’ve been able to get past the CTDs (the total number of which I could count on one hand between day one and SU5). My CTDs have statistically doubled with this one update.

I have also found numerous bugs in the World Map where if I want to manually search for a VOR, now there are multiple clicks to bring up the filter and when you scroll the map you can’t easily find them anymore unless you know exactly where to look). When you click on one in the flight plan, sometimes it goes to it and re-centers…sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve also had issues where if you had the assistant on for ATC in the prior flight and it automatically starts up on the new flight, you can’t simply restart anymore after turning it off - the simulator keeps it on again and again (it reloads your last reload, not the new A/C status you create like it used to).

I’ve been a HUGE supporter of this sim since day one and big believer in what Asobo’s doing but this one has me stymied. The new interface (which I quickly got rid of) was simply not well thought out for PC simmers, and the Q/C simply seems like it really missed a lot of stuff this go-round. I hope a patch comes out soon or this sim is gonna become something I don’t have the patience to navigate anymore.


I have this random freezes too: GPU is maxed out at 99 %. Then drops to 0 % for a view seconds, then back to 99 %. After a view minutes it repeats this process. It happens in flight and in the menu-screens as well. I did not had this pre-patch. Empty community folder, fresh rolling cache and latest drivers. Less frequent when using rolling cache. Looks like a memory allocation/purging thing. Im using a 3090, so plenty of memory available. Im fairly tech-savy, but here I have no clue whats going on.


Confirm. This Update is a mess. Performance okay, but stability? Nope. Freezes and CTDs everywhere. Graphics are a kick in the A**. Looks now very close to XP11 with Ortho ore simHeaven AddOns. That’s not the SIM I purchased some Time ago. Even the worst Alpha Builds had more stability than this Update.

Same random freezes for me, as described by CelloCellinsky.

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Me too. I never had these freezes before SU5. The sim is UNPLAYABLE.
Thought it was my manual cache areas, so deleted them, still happens. Thought it was only in VR, so left VR…still happens. I counted and seem to get about 1 minute of flying and then 15-30 seconds of a freeze in place. Sometimes even worse. I have not been a “hater” and have been overall very happy with the sim, but I can’t even use it now…
I9 10850k (Overclocked-could that be the issue)
Nvidia 3080
Running Firecuda 520 SSD Nvm express
Valve Index
Fast internet connection Wired
Fast internet connection

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Same here, even after all updates were installed the next day, many problems rendered the sim unusable.

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I would like to know who isn’t having these freezes. There seem to be many happy with the improved performance. Are they not seeing this issue? If not, maybe we can identify a common denominator… hardware, BIOS setting, etc.

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These long pauses are present on my system as well. Definitely a performance boost in 2D as well as VR… significant in fact, but with the downside of the 15 to 40 second pauses. I had micro stutters a few patches back, but had worked through clearing them up by always running SteamVR whether I was flying in VR or not. Of course that fix no longer is germane. Oh well - hopefully this will be addressed in the future as well.

Same here, the freezes are shocking, I have the led’s on my GPU that change from Green to Amber then Red when it gets hot. During the Freezes the led’s go to Green so my GPU is doing nothing? So god knows what is going on!

Also want to note, I did clear out my community folder.