Long freezes after su5

I too was getting the freezes but I would immediately CTD. I deleted the community folder and the flightsim.cfg file and let MSFS create new ones on start-up. Now I still get short freezes but I am no longer getting the CTD.

These long pauses, could they be related to the current peak in server-load? Every time the game resumes it seems the weather has changed a bit. Quite a bit, sometimes. Clouds, pressure and wind change rather suddenly, seemingly without interpolation.

Could the freezes be caused by some problem fetching weather data or does it happen to you who with static “clear skies” as well?


Same annoying long pauses here, the sim turns unplayable. Really don’t understand what ASOBO doing, every update broke something, in this particular case I found a lot of issues including this one. Please fix it

I also have the long stutters, but no CTDs following it.

I saw one freeze early on - ended up control-alt-delete to close the sim. After that I flew for several hours without a problem.
For reference:
Flying various general aviation planes, glass and steam gauges.
Ryzen 5 3600
EVGA Nvidia 1660 Super
32 gb RAM
3 1080P Monitors
Getting pretty steady 30 FPS with high settings and 80 render scaling. Rare short stutters.
I hope that type of information helps isolate the problem. Good Luck!

I am also seeing random 40 degree shifts in SAT every so often while at cruise but that was happening before SU5 (a few days before it started), so I’m not sure it’s related (maybe but doubt it). I think there is a definite issue there, don’t get me wrong, I’m just trying to isolate ONLY what is directly related to SU5.

I’ve seen that too, but I agree, that is a separate problem.

No, in this case the cloud coverage changes slightly, a 2kts wind becomes 10kts, etc — all immediately when the sim resumes after freezing. Not huge changes, but larger than one would expect after a minute of pause.

(Does the “weather-time” progress while the sim is frozen? The instrument panel clock?)

So 99% of the time I now get awesome performance (up to 90 FPS at 1440p) for up to half an hour or more but yes - every 30 or 40 minutes sometimes longer the entire game totally freezes for around a minute or more.

It seems totally random and has even occurred in a C152 flying over the ocean in the Bahamas. Their was some multiplayer traffic but that was it really.

What exactly does the flightsim.cfg file do?

it’s the flight sim configuration file, not sure how the SU5 update handled that file but just to be safe I deleted it. You can open it in a text editor like notepad to see what is in there. If it’s deleted MSFS will just create a new one but you will lose any changes that were made to it prior.

Same here. Freezes and CTD

Im having the same issues but actually it started appearing on SU4. Long stutters that lasts for 15+ seconds especially when i start descending from a more than one hour long flight. But yes after SU5 not only the stutter thing continues, but actually i also had these 30+ seconds total freeze when i was pushing back on the airport…

Question for all fellow very frustrated sim pilots.
Has anyone, and is it better if we all, file a complaint with Zendesk, or is this thread enough?

Random long freezes here too since SU5.

Same here. At first, I thought the sim had crashed but I quickly learned to wait about 1-2 minutes and it unfreezes and continues where it left off. This is so incredibly frustrating considering I had no problems like this in SU4. I have an empty Community folder, the latest NVidia drivers and the latest Windows 10 update. I have also disabled loading of FSUIPC7. I’m at my wits end!!!
How could Asobo release this with such obvious problems?
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Definitely file a ZENdesk complaint. They supposedly really do look at submissions there.

Yeah I thought it was a CTD and restarted the first few times as well

Using a high spec PC with RTX 3080 and set graphics to low end, deleted community folder, turned off AI traffic, turned off Live Weather so thought one of those might be the cause.
No…just freezing for a minute or so every 5 or 10 minutes but no full CTD.
Never had this before and I wonder why some people have no problems and think SU5 is wonderful ?

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It’s been suggested in other threads this issue may be related to USB. I can force the issue if I open the WMR portal to use my VR headset, and the Reverb G2 is indeed a USB device.

I am also enrolled in the Windows Insider program, so I get early release Windows Updates. I am curious if others who are getting the freeze are in this same program. Could it be a driver issue that can be rolled back?

But my Joystick, Mouse and Quest 2 is USB what can be changed ?