FS 2020 Awful

This are not my words. I found this post on another forum but I truly agree on it!

I had MSFS installed for all of around 12 hours, full of bugs, weather issues, traffic issues, fps issues with stutters galore on a 10900k at 5.0ghz and a 2080ti and don’t say it’s muh system because it’s not just me, go check over at the MSFS forums, even lowering from 3440x1440p to 1080p day 1-3fps performance game and looked awful even on low/high/ultra settings, the LOD radius is like a circle that follows under you, and the mesh/land class in most places doesn’t look great. They threw bing maps under a bunch of ai buildings and called it good.

They should have worked with ORBX to finish their Open land class for the whole world and released that as part of the base game, it would look awesome with the AI on top of that no doubt.

Weather is broken and not even depicting the metars, Asobo even said the weather wasn’t about metars on their discord. It’s also up to an hour behind real life weather, it was super sunny in Colorado today with minimal clouds and it showed the sim as overcast and at 70f which it was over 92f today here at the time.

Default airports and im not sure about handcrafted aren’t even made based off of real world charts so good luck flying on vatsim/ivao without the updated pay ware airport.

AI live traffic isn’t even good, Alex here who commented above told me about at Phoenix the Southwest was an A380 and not even model matched to an A320/737.

The camera system don’t even get me started. I know it’s not P3D but this is way more complicated then it needs to be.

Amongst all the issues of performance, no FPS counter outside of dev mode, camera issues, weather issues, ai, sim connect etc I just think it was rushed big time.

i don’t think we will see a big optimization for hardware except being geared towards consoles. I think in all reality we all got duped.
All of these streamers said that this was the next best thing since sliced bread, the P3D/Xplane killer etc. but in all reality it’s a console game ported quickly to PC to sell something new.

Did I expect anything different? Not really, the rendered videos, screenshots etc got everybody hooked on the eye candy but in all reality it’s nothing special outside of that. Will it grow in the future? Time will tell but for now it’s not even worth having installed on my PC and I think lots of people are starting to realize who/ what the sim is really geared towards.

I think Asobo did this so they could help Microsoft show off the power of AI etc and what can be done with it. It’s rushed and maybe that’s Microsoft’s fault but I don’t think another 6-12 months would have made much difference


Well, getting alot of this, which I can understand. Just wanted to say, yet again, very very many of us are really enjoying it, warts and all, and are looking forward to the very many promised fixes, improvements and additions. I genuinely feel sorry for those who cannot download, cannot play or whatever - sincerely hope the developers improve things sooner rather than later. Cheers.


Honestly I think it just depends. Launches like this are always underestimated, they should have done an open beta awhile ago to actually get a real understanding of the state of the sim. But it seems the results are extremely unpredictable. Some people are running GTX 1060s on high/ultra settings and getting stable 35 FPS. And with some tinkering still able to get a really good looking game and get close to 60FPS. And then obviously people with 2080tis are running the game at 1440p at Ultra and barely getting 30 FPS. Just be patient and let the devs run for now.

As for AI traffic, just wait for a mod. They honestly built this game to be supplemented by the vast modding communtiy of flight sims. Guarantee you people will be correcting Southwest A380s to be more accurate.

As for weather and data issues, not surprised. For any game that is heavily online based it seems the company ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS underestimate the absolute demand for such a game.


Complete and utter garbage. MSFS is a ground breaking masterpiece. Attempts to take it down by spreading false information are unavoidable and expected. Do you expect the competition to just lose 95% market share and do it quietly?


Well over 80% of what you have written is not my experience. I’ll leave it at that.


So let me get this straight, P3D which has been out for years has survived on hotfixes and still has issues. This sim just got released today and already it’s garbage and worthless? I understand you’re frustrated but lets be realistic here. This sim is complex, far more than FSX/P3D and it will take some hotfixes to address the issues.

In the gaming universe we’re a small community so it’s even more important to support this sim or otherwise MS will ditch it. None of us want this to happen.


Everyone should be grateful resurrecting the franchise since Global Crisis hit, give MS Asobo a chance it’s just day one give me a break! Did FSX came perfect when it was launched? How about P3D how dark very dark the sim is, and buggy X-Plane was? some people are just hard to please.


I’m not sure about hard to please…just that the product appears not to live up to its hype. Would you agree that the current version would live up to the following statement?
“From light planes to wide-body jets, fly highly detailed and accurate aircraft in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation and live weather in a dynamic and living …”
Just an observation.

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Not sure what is going on with you, but other than the 747 for some reason, I get great fps and buttery smooth performance on a gaming laptop with an Intel 9980HK and RTX 2080.

Usually, 30-35 fps flying low over crowded cites and 55+ fps above 6,000 - 7,000 ft

There is an inbuilt frame counter with Xbox game bar.

Camera system took a bit of learning but used to it now.

Weather is not perfect but right a lot of the time.

Traffic not perfect but I have flown a lot around Sydney and seen the same traffic I see on flightradar 24

Overall, I’m finding it much better than the stock version of P3D. You’d need quite a few addons to get close.


Horses for courses…
I guess it’s down to semantics, interpretation and expectations, but I really don’t have a problem with that marketing statement. If you’re a 25 year 747 veteran then, with the exception of maybe PSX, there is no sim out there that is perfect, PMDG included.
But IMO, for the vast majority, the statement is largely correct. For the few who are expecting study level, I’m sure they appreciate what is meant by that statement.


Well I guess our interpretations are different, we’ll leave it at that.


Well i totaly disagree with your statement.
In my experience it looks absolute great, and i have a “simple rtx 2070” 35 fps above
London city on 500 ft. in a cesna on ultra settings 1920*1080.
No issuses whatsoever.



JossieX. . . I’m right there with you. Running this on an i7-7700K and an RTX 2070 Super. However, I downloaded and installed the absolute latest NVidia driver. . . yes, the one that was just released. Graphics look and run great on all HIGH settings. . .


I think FS2020 has lots of potential, I agree that right now there are several things that are not quite good, but I am sure that within few weeks we will see several hotfixes and regular updates to the game.

I have mixed feelings with the sim, because when I see how earth is recreated with such fidelity I think Asobo and MS have done a masterpiece, something way beyond we have with FSX/Prepard/XPlane… but right now is more like an arcade game than a Flight Simulation Software… I am sure 3rd Party Developers will fill that huge hole between arcade and real sim… like every sim I have owned since 20 years ago.



It looks like they rushed release as they must focus on console version.

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The negativity is absolutley astounding. Despicable. Do you have perspective? Maybe you need to reinstall FSX, or P3D or XP11 default, zero addons. and ask yourself how is it? Do you like it ? Out of the box MSFS here in 2020 is fantastic relativley speaking. Sure it has its flaws, some problems, Im not sure why people expect perfection and PMDG like default planes. The core is there, to be built upon. And its robust for many 3PDs to take advantage of that. Thats what we been asking for all these years.


Lot’s of emotional comments…OK
How many of you are real pilots? OK…I think you will find that are two main groups…Pilots ((both full and trainees), potential pilots ( from our younger/older generation) and gamers. I was after a sim that allowed me to ensure my motor skills were kept fluid for the times I couldn’t fly in the real world. At this moment this sim does not offer that, not to any form of accuracy anyway. Will it get there?..I certainly hope so and with the add ons from 3rd parties, hopefully sooner than later. So just bear that in mind when reading some of these posts… people are looking at this product from different angles and for different requirements. If you are happy with it…fantastic. But for a lot us, it falls very short of what we were hoping for, well at least for me.


I completely agree, as a sim it’s awful. As a game it’s great for that targeted player base.

For a next gen sim it’s lacking things that 10 year old sims have.

-Proper turbulence

-Proper flight model

-Proper night lightning. Currently street lights are just orbs floating above the ground. Also no high speed taxiway lights

-No decent aircraft. This I won’t knock them for since no sim has good default aircraft

-Weather looks great but appears to have zero effect on aircraft.

-Multiplayer sucks, aircraft just disappear and then reappear.

-Ground textures in non ortho cities look like FSX

Xplane is a better overall sim at the moment.

I doubt MS does anything to fix the problems. Their track record reflects this.


LOL again people comparing what we have in P3D FSX, and XP with all their addons. No way you get all the things you listed from a default vanilla installion of the those previous sims. Use perspective relative to what we had in the past on a level playing field. Those sims before were ugly and bad out of the box. Its all the addons that enhanced it.


Xplane’s night lighting is completely default complete with high speed taxiway lights and even traffic lights at intersections.

Try again?

Oh and don’t say I’m being petty. High speed taxiway lights are extremely important for a realistic sim experience.