FS CTD when I switch to VR, Help Please

FS works fine in monitor mode, fairly smooth in 4K ultra settings. No CTDs. However, FS does not like my VR setup. When I switch to VR, FS CTD every time? My VR, Oculus Quest 2, headset has the latest update so does the Oculus App. Have not played FS VR for several months, unable to find a cure. Help Please.

Since last update I have this issue with my HP reverb G2. Unplayable for me at the moment in VR. At least I could do a couple of flights when I entered VR after I loaded the flight and pressed “FLY”. But today even this didn´t work. You need to send a bug report too.

I have the same issue with the G2.
Have not really worked since SU11 :frowning:

If you haven’t already, perhaps you guys can try what fixed the crashes for me: Rift S to Reverb G2 upgrade and THE setting that made it work