FS Map Tool not showing same heading as instrument in airplane

Is the gauge instrument (Cessna 152) in the game showing the nose heading while the app is showing the magnetic heading? If so I am not sure I understand the difference. They are off by quite a lot.

The ‘nose’ heading is your magnetic heading.
I am not sure i am understanding your question.

Ah okay. Then I’m not sure what heading the app is showing. Aren’t there other headings like tracking heading? I’m just a bit confused about the differences between them. So is there just your magnetic heading and tracking heading?

  • Magnetic Heading - what you see on your compass
  • True heading - what you see on your (paper) map before correcting to Magnetic
  • Desired Heading - The heading (track) to get to your destination with no drift (wind) correction

I don’t think I’ve ever opened the VFR map in over 200 hrs so I can’t offer any insight into what is shown on the map.

Thanks! I appreciate it.

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