FS Realistic in 2023?

Just wanna check if its better now, with less bugs, if its eating fps or not, if you find the settings and features useful, what you have turned off and if you are using unique sounds for each aircraft (via download, or if thats just adjustments to the sounds)… I bought it years ago, but not sure what I felt about it… “so and so” I guess. Just wanna know if its better now?

For me its been but NOTE: im new i didnt experiment on it much

Yes, its a good add on. No performance hit that I’ve ever been aware of.

Some of the features are redundant like turblence movement as the sim does that itself now. And you do need to take the time to tune profiles, but thats super easy.

Its real value is providing audible feedback on the aircraft state: eg in ground effect, nearing Vmo, stall buffeting etc. All very useful.


agree with @AlpineB4652 the value is in hearing the ground effect, a lot of the functionality I turn off globally (wind noises, sneezing(hate it) etc)


I love FSRealistic for me one of the best programs out there. Sure there are silly things but the core of what it does are really good.


Can thoroughly recommend it. All respect to Roy, the developer, he’s going full time from September and has some other interesting things coming up.

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Use it every day on every flight. Love it.

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+10 to all this.

There’s a couple of effects I’ve had to turn off for some planes, but it’s still very much an excellent positive addition to the UX. Sound is hugely important!


Yeah, it sure makes a lot to the sim (or to any game)

…by the way; are you using the default sets of sounds and mix, or do you download users versions ? What does these alterned soundsets acutally do? Is it just the mix, or are there new sounds? What I find a bit…well…its the same sounds for brakes etc on all planes. Also…the wind seem very severe in a lot of aircraft.

I played around with it for a while. There were definitely some cool features I enjoyed, but also some things I didn’t. I took it out, but might go back to it some day if I hear it’s being updated and supported again.

I mainly use my own, but sometimes I’ll test out some user ones.
They’re just different choices of the presets, and mixes. Same as you might do to tune it to your taste, but uploaded.

Yes, definitely. The default one especially is a little too harsh for my taste (windshield wind I think) but there’s a couple of others that are lower frequency, and you can turn adjust the vol to taste.

It’s completely customizable, so if you don’t like an effect just turn it off. Debug mode also helps to nail ones with issues, and the global off switch for some presets (like the screaming) was a great UX addition.

It’s still a very usable app. Dev recently announced a move to full time, so should be good for a while.

The first person thing doesn’t quite work though, seems iffy. Fried my camera first time I tried it, so i don’t dare touch it now!

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Find it good not to bad on fps , does slow when moving from flight back to main menu .

I feel it’s a great addon using just ground handling/undercarriage/landing gear sounds alone!
I can’t sim without it. Makes takeoffs and landings feel much more immersive.
Hoping to see an update with improved 1st person camera mode.
The devs are consistent, attentive and really kind also!

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hi - it does not replace sound (i dont think) - it adds sound. So if a craft as wind noise - then it will add its own sound on top.

Yes, it adds the sound effects on top rather than replaces them

I’ve never bothered to use the other user created profiles (although there are plenty to chose from) as it’s simple enough to create your own. You can test each setting to see/hear what it will be like with a simple click, which really makes the process simple - so you can get just the right level and type of tire squeal and shake on touchdown. Saves and profile application is automatic - just run the app and it then applies the profile for that aircraft automatically.

Just as well it’s so easy to tweak as the default profiles are all too loud/shakey or have all the annoying or useless effects (‘breathing’ eye movement is the daftest one - when was the last time you were driving and noticed your pov changing with your breathing?)

Interesting to hear that the dev might have other things upcoming.

I find it critical for immersion with airliners when landing, as the sounds of gear and flap drag are essential, as is the subtle vibration that accompanies it, not to mention the shaking with touchdown.

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