FS Realistic was just released

It looks AWESOME. I just bought the core version and its amazing. The only question is will i have to pay for a whole other copy of Pro. I am fine with it but would be cool if it was a free upgrade.

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FSRealistic Core users an upgrade at a price of 5.99$ Can’t waith for this, looks so cool.

It’s available now.

5 euro for those who previously purchased at SimMarket.

Still can’t adjust the size of window… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
This is PRO right?

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I may be blind, but I can’t see a list that states what Pro has that the “Amateur” version doesn’t have. Other than perhaps this comment: “With a growing list of 34 cameras”. I don’t remember there being any camera options in the version I have. It’s a cheap upgrade so I may get it anyway, and in future when Asobo flesh out the camera API we may get more realistic cockpit vibrations rather than the kludge we have currently.

If you scroll up a bit there is a list of features as well as a video that outlines some of it.

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£6 was a cheap upgrade. :slight_smile:

  • NEW All legacy vibrations effects were replaced with proper camera effects
  • NEW VR support is now official (camera movements but not UI window in VR)
  • NEW Gravity effect has been added
  • NEW Front tire touchdown effect has been added
  • NEW Breathing effect has been added
  • NEW Multiple sounds got repaired
  • NEW Effects tweaks and bug fixes

The cloud profile feature seems really cool, one can simply import the hard work and tested immersion configurations of other fellow sim nerds.:stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t help feeling that I’m being asked to pay again for stuff that should have been in the initial product or included as a free upgrade. I know it is a small fee for the upgrade but I just feel a little aggrieved that this is being charged for. I adore FSRealistic and will probably pay the upgrade cost but it just seems a bit off. I know that devs put in a lot of work and need to eat so maybe I’m just an old skinflint.


I was also a bit surprised that this update costs money, but it’s less than 7€ and an essential addon in my sim world. Also I vaguely remember that they communicated from the beginning that once camera shake gets implemented one would have to pay again.

Checking it out now in the Fenix. Immediately turned of the “breathing” effect, doesn’t seem very realistic.
Also, above 20 something thousand feet I can’t zoom with the scroll wheel anymore. Works fine again when turning the fsrealistic master switch off. That’s a major bug if it happens all the time.


…also not a fan of “breathing”.

i wish i could resize the window and scale the UI, it gets extremely tiny on a 4k monitor.

i too was a little surprised over having to pay again for basically the same product, but now with more natural camera movement.
BUT at just 5euro, It’s not too bad.


I was just testing the core version over the last few days and since I really like my sea planes, I wanted to buy a license anyway. Didn’t like the vibration effects of the old version AT ALL. Well, today I bought the Pro version and I have to say it is magnificent! The improved camera effects now really do add something to the game and don’t look out of place at all, and the improved sounds were always awesome.

Also, at least that’s my impression, the turbulence effects from FSRealistic Pro totally remove the problem with the jerky pitch in the JustFlight Arrows/Warrior because everytime the planes react with a jerky pitch movement, FSRealistic quickly but smoothly changes you view. It basically feels and looks now exactly like it should to me.

Totally amazing, I just did a small local IFR flight through rainy clouds in my Warrior II and it was just perfect from start to finish. The price is a bit steep for what is actually added to the sim, but overall I’d say it’s worth it.


I could be wrong here but I thought that they had made it clear when the core version was sold that there would be an upgrade cost for the full version when it eventually released.

I can’t recall all the details tbh but that was my understanding when I bought the core version. I see a fair few people complaining on this forum and Avsim but I am not sure that the criticism is really justified.


That was my understanding also.

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I just have a question:

I understand what this app does for default aircraft, but it seems like it would interfere with sounds and effects of add-on aircraft, many of which come with their own. Does this require a separate configuration for each aircraft you fly?

Fair enough. I don’t begrudge the dev the upgrade fee considering the amount of added immersion the product gives. It wasn’t available on Just Flight (where I bought it) a wee while ago but the dev stated that it would take a day or so to get through to all vendors.

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The profiles get saved per plane. You can have a different profile for each plane you fly.

I think the Core Version has now been removed from the Just Flight store in preparation, maybe, for the new version.

I wouldn’t be surprised therefore if the new version will soon be available to buy at JF. Maybe tomorrow ???

The e-mail I got from them this morning when it launched indicated it would take a couple days to get to the stores.

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