FS requires FULL re-installation of 153 gb on 16/02 possibly due to update UK

During launch of application today, i got an error message 0x8xxxxxxxx
MS has disappeared from my start menu. Ms Community folder on my c was no longer accessible (error message) I had to go to MS store to perform full re-install which is 153 gb. At the slow rate of 13 mb/s , this will take more than 24 hours.
Scandalous that a full installation is required. Did i have to do something specific before launching the app ?I did not get any message.
This is probably linked to the UK update and back-end update.

Hi @HugeMagician715,

Please create a bug report with all of this info, and any relevant logs in the Windows Event Viewer that you think maybe relevant.

Ordinarily when a user reports having to do a full redownload it is caused by one of the following:

  1. Pressing the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ button in Steam.

  2. Pressing the ‘Reset’ button in the Windows App Settings page (Windows Store Version)

Another common cause is that the updater might have lost the location of the installation data, and maybe pointing to a new location. Because it cannot see the simulator, it thinks it needs to do a complete reinstall. If this is the case, simply selecting the correct file location should fix the problem…

However, it sounds like you may be having a different issue, so please create a BR as I advised a tthe top of this message so that QA can attempt to reproduce and stop it from happening with future updates.

Mine was fine. About 22GB.

I didn’t have to reinstall the whole thing. Just about a 22 to 24 GB update for me.

Same issue here - downloading 148Gb now /sigh. So Verify intergity breaks the game is that right ? If so then Steam needs to remove this from this game !

I hate linking my own topics like this… I have a forum BR on this. Click this link if you want to add your thoughts to the discussion: Steam - Verify Integrity of Game Files Deletes All Content