FS via XBox Game Pass with Sidewinder Force Feedback 2

I have a laptop based on Core i7 (11gen) with integrated GPU.

I’d thought to try FS via Cloud Gaming version, but as controller I have the glorious Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 (that correctly works with FSX even in Windows 11).

I read that controllers should be one of supported ones so my question… with this setup, could I play to FS?

I use an FF2 daily so I don’t image there would be a problem.

Thank you but… with the version via Cloud of FS, or with the version installed on PC?
Due to simple hardware that I have, i have the only option to base my experience on Cloud gaming

If the controller is supported by the OS it is supposed to work.

cloud gaming only supports an xbox controller at this time. Asobo has said they are working on allowing other devices on cloud gaming soon.

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Thanks for that Major. I didn’t realise it was still the case.

Sorry for the confusion @SneakGnat144288

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